Cyber Cruise Calendar 2007

This Calendar is not up to date, for coming events look in the bottom of Lifecruisers latest posts or in the page with Coming Cruise Events.

For old cyber cruise posts, see the Lifecruiser Cyber Cruise Archive 2007.


16 March, Friday - Lifecruiser ship set sails!!!
Host: Lifecruiser
Port: Stockholm, Sweden

17 March, Saturday
Hosts: TorAa Mirror & RennyBA’s Terella
Port: Oslo, Norway

18 March, Sunday
Host: Writer’s Cramps
Port: Waterloo, Belgium

19 March, Monday
Host: Maremagnum
Port: Barcelona, Spain

20 March, Tuesday:
Host: Irish Church Lady
Port: Pirate Bay

21 March, Wednesday:
Host: Coffee 2 go
Port: Berlin, Germany

22 March, Thursday:
Host: The Dackel Princess
Port: Alaska (!)

23 March, Friday:
Host: Irish Church Lady
Port: Ottawa, Canada

24 March, Saturday:
Host: Insanity Prevails
Port: Chesapeake Beach, US

25 March, Sunday:
Host: RennyBA’s Terella
Port: Rome, Italy

Promised post:
DIY Brazilian Wax article by aka R’acquel.

26-27 March, Monday-Tuesday:
Host: Coffee 2 go
Port: Dominican Republic & Merengue Day

28 March, Wednesday:
Host: All Cruisers having a Crazy Hat Parade, NOTE: only 1 hat per person (or cat ;-) in the household is allowed! (With 1 cyber prize* to win ;-)
Port: Between 2 ports, out on the cyber sea

*) Only A-Team Cruisers & A-Swab Team members can win the cyber prize.

30 March, Friday:
Host: Hootin’ Anni
Port: North America Surprise

31 March, Saturday:
Host: aka R’acquel
Port: Leura in the Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia

NOTE: Don’t miss the excellent deal to get something tailored from R’acquels Boutique in return for the fabrics doubled up. She needs fabric from around the world!


1 April, Sunday
Host: Writer’s Cramps
Port: Brussels Midi Market, Belgium

2 April, Monday:
Host: Captain Lifecruiser
Port: South West Iceland

4 April, Wednesday:
Host: All Cruisers put up 1 photo from 1 place they’ve been and have strong memories from - beautiful or whatever.
Port: Between 2 ports, out on the cyber sea

12 April, Thursday:
Host: All Cruisers Shopping day for the Cruise Ball!
Port: Everybodys. 1 rule! Lifecruisers shopping with the heart.

13 April, Friday:
Host: Captain Lifecruiser
Port: Spa & Resort day - No rules!

14 April, Saturday:
Host: Captain Lifecruiser
Port: The Lifecruiser Cruise Ball!

Extra bonus: The Leura Cascades Walk (Leura, Blue Mountains, Australia)

24-25 April:
Host: Fruit Of The Spirit
Port: Historic Savannah, US - Day 1 and Tybee Island-Savannah, Georgia-Day 2

30 April:
Best Lifecruiser Diarist 2007 Prize winner: Melli at Insanity Prevails!


2 May:
Host: Gattina
Port: Antwerpen, Belgium.

5 May:
Host: Gattina
Port: Antwerpen Zoo, Belgium

7 May:
Host: Captain Lifecruiser.
Bonus: Swedish HighTower Visitour

Wednesday 9th of May:
Host: Claudie
Port: The Gaou’s Isle.

13th of May:
Host: Mar.
Port: Wilkomm Höft in Hamburg.

Monday 14th of May:
Host: Sword Girl
Port: Greek Festival, US.

Thursday 24th of May:
Host: Claudie
Port: Film Festival, Cannes.

Don’t miss that Melli got mail!


11th of June:
Host: Lifecruiser
Port: Stockholm Archipelago Boat Day, Sweden.

…Or The Swedish Wedding Bells Tells!

NOTE: There will be updates of this schedule!

If you’re not an A-Team Cruiser, you can’t be a host (yet), but you are still welcome to joyn us in the cruises and it will give bonus points to become an A-Swab Team member or later on a A-Team Cruiser!

Read about Cruiser Grades.

We’re really looking forward to welcome you aboard :-)

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