I wish I could be this artistic… Wonderful, don’t you think?

Another wonderful thing is that the artistic Leanne has started to work on our new blog layout art. I should perhaps mention: one of them… *giggles*

Yes, I grabbed the opportunity to order severals. Couldn’t resist it!

So this also mean that we can have a blog warming party several times – not bad thinking of me hah? *giggles*

UPDATE: Congratulate Chase for his promotion – our newest Lifecruiser A-Team Cruiser!!!!! He’ll do a post from Cebu later for the cyber cruise :-)

Captain ♥Art Lifecruiser

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10 Comments on “YouTube Sand Art & Blog Art”

    Melli said:

    She is AMAZING! Thanks for the share!

    .: mar said:

    I am impressed… some people got all the talent…I remained empty handed, lol!
    It sounds like the perfect excuse NOT TO STOP partying, cheers! can’t wait to see the new layouts, all of them :)

    Caledonia said:

    I tried sand art once and was hopeless at it! I wish I was more creative but alas, it wasn’t to be! Looking forward to the new layouts!

    TorAa said:

    Also happy for having Chase on board.

    PS. We have moved back to our Winterhome. It’s a mess around. Planned to post that thie evening – but my camera/PC link striked. Typical— Picked up the Cats – after 11 days with Sölvi and Stompa.
    Must go out to the Summerhouse again tomorrow – pick up the Newspapers (haha) and bring back some more clothes. + food and — you know moving ain’t done in one moment….

    Then Wednesday: Strömstad. Can you believe it.

    btw. Hope you are better. I need sleep. I have slept so much in the past I wonder what’s going on.

    hugs to your both

    Maribeth said:

    I like to think I have talent cooking. But tonight I am afraid that Hubby is getting a crappy meal. It just didn’t work like I thought.
    Yes, some people get all the talent and others, like me, just keep trying! ;~)

    laketrees said:

    fantastic art…..very clever people….
    new layout ????….but this one is excellent…
    I suppose a new layout is like a holiday….and a good excuse for a party though :D

    Lifecruiser said:

    Sure Chase! I’ll book the 3rd of November for Cebu!!! We’re looking forward to it :-)

    chase said:

    Hello that is soooo nice! And regarding to the cruise can I do it around Nov. 3 so I can also feature the All Soul’s Day and All Saint’s Day here? Since I also need to capture lots of photos.

    RennyBA said:

    Sure, it was amazingly artistic – thanks for sharing!

    Great to have Chase on the team. I guess you all know he’s one of my first blog friend and also my blog designer :-)

    Ev Nucci said:

    I love these shots Captain!!! I love them!

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