Have you planned your summer holiday 2011 yet? Tell us all about it! We love to hear all the juicy details. If you have not: what are your thoughts, preparing or tools you plan to use to search for the best opportunity?

Lifecruiser Holiday Beach Chairs

There are many sites out there offering a lot of information and/or bookings options for our trips, but do you have any special favorites or dislikes?

We tend to use a lot of different ones to research information about a certain destination, accommodation or flights, it could be to use Google Earth as a travel tool, sites like TripAdvisor, Kayak, Matador, hotel booking sites like Easytobook (see our sidebar), budget flights at Ryanair,, other travel blogs, social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

The trick is to always gather information when you stumble upon it, even if you’re not planning to go to that particular destination on your upcoming holiday – maybe next – plus not being satisfied with one answer.

Always check around for other opinions or other travel operators alternatives and don’t forget to check different dates – price can vary huge between different dates, so if you can be flexible you’re a winner when it comes to booking a holiday to the best value.

Sometimes it’s best to even surprise yourself with a new destination, meaning to go where the tickets are cheap right at that moment. Once we found return flight tickets for 3 persons to Berlin for 238 SEK, which is about 36 USD or 25 EURO. Unbeatable wouldn’t you say?

So what about Lifecruiser summer holiday plans?

We want to go on holiday to our paradise beach island Gotland at Sweden’s east coast as usual in July, but nothing is booked yet (due to boring private matters), but we hope to make the Gotland ferry and farm accommodation bookings within the nearest weeks.

Besides that we have not made any summer holiday plans yet, but you’ll never know with us, suddenly we may be on the way somewhere, if we’ve found a really good price or if someone would sponsor an escape trip for us.

We do have some plans for October to make a visit to Claudie and Pierre in Provence, France again, to see their new house together with our Norwegian blogger friends.

Another thing we will do is to take one or another shorter roadtrip in Sweden in May or June, probably to somewhere there are nice golf pleasures nearby…

If you have not planned your summer holiday yet, please do – and don’t forget to tell us about it!

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14 Comments on “Your Summer Holiday Plans?”

    Jenny said:

    I haven’t planned anything because I KNOW I’ll be in the house most of the summer with my son’s health condition. Every other week most likely. It makes me sad but I’ve come to deal with it.


    My heart aches for you and your son. Lucky thing you have a photo interest, that would make me busy even when stuck at home!

    LindaN said:

    Sweden you say.. You know, there’s quite a lot of VERY nice golfplaces just around the corner here in Göteborg! Do let me know if you’re around!

    Our plans include boat, diving and either archipelago or perhaps boating on channels? not sure. If channels I just ask other boaters or FIL :-)


    Of course, we will most certainly do that if coming somewhere near you Linda! Sounds like you’ll have a very niiiice boat summer – let’s hope for great sea weather! (Hugs)

    Phil said:

    So have fun in sweden! i loved it (and still love it) ;) Its definitly a trip worth it and people are great there. Good decission ;-)
    Looking forward to seeing some of your holiday pictures! (please shoot some girls too..)



    I have 3 southern California camping trips lined up this summer. Going to spend a week in early June in the dessert in Anza Borrego. I’ll follow this trip with another week in the San Bernardino mountains at San Gorgonio. Then relax by the beach at El Capitan in August for an extended weekend.

    I used a website I started – campsitephotos com – to find the best spot to reserve for me and my family.

    Good times ahead!

    DianeCA said:

    Most of the summer we will spend in your homeland – Sweden! But we are looking into a trip to the Northen part of Norway…and since we finally sold my moms house in NY a trip to Italy with my American family may be in the near future. Any tips??

    Funchal said:

    We have booked our 11th visit to Madeira for this June. From the UK we can get really cheap flights, around £130 return, with EasyJet from our local airport.

    During June Madeira holds its Atlantic festival with firework displays every Saturday. Madeira is particularly famous for its spectacular firework displays and, as we have always missed out on these before, we are looking forward to seeing a couple.

    We are also looking forward to meeting up with a few of the locals with whom we have made friends with during our previous visits.

    Sally said:

    I’m a secondary school teacher so we have holidays every ten weeks! I’m in New Zealand. An outdoor adventurer woman who loves company, my youngest just started at uni and now the nest is empty. I sail, dive, mountain bike and ski along with movies, so if you can suggest some likeminded souls to holiday with and some new inspiration to share that would be amazing!,

    Gerry McIntyre said:

    Well if you’re considering coming to see us in Ireland check out our bed and breakfast in Dun laoghaire, south Dublin. Beside the sea and beautiful when it’s sunny, which it is surprisingly often here despite our reputation. By way of reciprocation I’ve always wanted to go to Sweden, motivated I’ll have to admit in the first instance by the prospect of stunningly beautiful long-legged blonde women. I’ll have to go and see if the reality matches my expectations…and you can come here and see if we really are all ginger-haired fairy people in green suits.

    Dawne said:

    Eastern Oregon is our destination every Summer. The High Desert offers clean air, low humidity, sunny days and cool nights. It’s a delightful retreat and I can’t wait to get there!


    Oh, that sounds awesome Dawne! The sunny days and low humidity would suit me very well – this old body hates humidity :-)

    Philippines Manila said:

    Thailand for two weeks at the end of summer. Early summer there is too hot but surprisingly, August and Sept. can be a bit overcast but cooler (sometimes it rains and you have to be a bit careful). And it’s low season so the prices are much lower.

    Jassy said:

    One of the fantastic moments of my stay in Kenya is famous restaurants with traditional food ,very tasty and unique things to eat , handle all of this and thank you for that .

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