Lifecruiser  photo Sevilla Window full of fans
Wordless Wednesday

We can confirm that there is a lot of folding fan’s in Sevilla, Spain. This is only a part of one shop window we did see there in March 2008. I don’t know how many fans we did see….

I really regret that I didn’t buy one!

Lifecruiser Sevilla

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    Wow, these are gorgeous! I have traveled in Europe to see other types of fans. These are distinctive!

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    Carver said:

    They are so beautiful. I love colorful fans.

    Carvers last blog post..Wordless Wednesday: Election Day – Everything is happening at the Polls

    Gattina said:

    Beautiful picture ! so colorful !

    BTW did you know that I got a new titel ? I am a ” left dope” according to a certain Sargent “Sarge Charlie” ! Hahaha !

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    Ling said:

    Well, they certainly don’t need air-conditioning, do they? :mrgreen:

    PJ said:

    what a neat photo…happy Wednesday!

    PJs last blog post..Wordless Wednesday

    SwordMama said:

    They are beautiful! We are gonna be learning some Chen fan in tai chi sometime soon. Here is a link: So cool! :cool:


    It’s a very beautiful photograph. So colorful. Have a great day Captain. :)

    Comedy Pluss last blog post..Blog Change

    jams O'Donnell said:

    Wow they are so beautiful!

    jams O’Donnells last blog post..He shoots! he scores!

    claudie said:

    :razz: I remember I bought one with my parents when we went in Spain and a spanish doll too! Olé! Those falls are so colourful! The picture is beautiful! I love this subject! It could make a nice painting.

    claudies last blog post..Ticoune prefers staying relax on the sofa!

    Alice said:

    That is a great photo, and very beautiful fans. I think I would have ‘had’ to buy one, haha.

    Alice at: I Was Born2Cree8

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    Reba said:

    Bark! Happy Woofless Wednesday. I posted Peaceful pictures on my dog blog.

    Reba’s dog blog: Reba’s Run

    Debo Hobo said:

    Those fans are so beautiful, they are great as a fashion accessory, or for home decor.

    Debo Hobos last blog post..Nothing to See Here- Go Vote!!!

    Mark H said:

    A shop for fans of fans.

    Mark Hs last blog post..Photo of the Week – Hey, Good Looking!

    aka R'acquel said:

    No trouble finding a fan to match a flamenco dress here! Very inspiring from a textiles point of view.


    Ah, memories of Sevilla! *sigh*

    I have two of those fans. Unfortunately I bought them before I got serious about flamenco, and bought the middle-sized ones. How was I to know flamenco dancer only use the big ones?

    Actually, I wouldn’t buy one of those beautiful fans for performance anyway – they get too bashed around when you’re dancing, it would be too upsetting to break one!

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