The French World Heritage Site of Avignon did show us this architecturally wonder of the Gothic Papal Palace in the mid of Avignon charming little town. We came just in time to catch the enormous palace before the sunset, on a road trip to explore Provence further.

France: Avignon Papal Palace, World Heritage Site

The Palace of the Popes was built 1335–1364 on a natural spur of rock and is located in Avignon historic center surrounded by ancient preserved ramparts.

We were naturally impressed by this big tourist attraction and tried to take photos in all kind of angles, but it was difficult…

We were too hungry, so we went for dinner instead!

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    Marvelous place! Didn’t you run on the Avignon’s bridge singing “Sur le pont d’Avignon”!? :-)

    Ginnie said:

    I love World Heritage sites. In fact, I was just telling someone today that I need to find out how they’re decided on and by whom!

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