I found another working dog breed. The Portuguese Water Dog in the picture very proudly were modelling for me in this photo – with rights to be proud since it’s an ancient breed with a history back into 600 BC.


Portuguese Water Dogs origins from the Algarve region in Portugal, where they have a very interesting history of herding fish into the fishermen’s nets, retrieve broken nets – even to act as couriers from ship or shores. It’s an excellent swimmer and distances as long as 80 km (in tempered water) is documented.

A Portuguese Water Dog is first described in 1297 in a monk’s account of a drowning sailor who was pulled from the sea by a dog with a “black coat, the hair long and rough, cut to the first rib and with a tail tuft”. Source: Wikipedia

It’s a fairly rare breed in Sweden, they occurred here for the first time around 1980, but has since then become very popular.

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