Lifecruisers WW upsidedown

UPDATE: I’m cheating by writing this, but I just wanted to say that the pic represent our lifes for the moment, it’s a bit upsidedown.

We haven’t slept at all this night. My best friend, Miss Ass. Lifecruiser, went to the Emergency at the hospital…. Again. With a very dangerous skyrocking blood pressure. They have found some issues earlier on, but not really done anything about it other than taking a lot of tests and x-rays. She takes big, big doses of 3 different medicines to lower the blood pressure and yet this attacks still turns up….

It’s just not human to let anybody suffer like that. She was close to giving up this time, she can’t take it any more, so let’s hope they really does something effective this time. Send her to some real specialist for an example.

They have found that one of her adrenal glands is enlarged and they believe (guess?) that it’s because of a hormone disorder, but haven’t found out which hormone yet. Arrrgh, there are so many strange diseases nowadays!

Mr L is recovering from a bad cold and I suspect that I’m on the way to get his cold, but what is that compare to what she is going through and has for months now? Nothing.

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    ~ Stacy ~ UNITED STATES said:

    Oh! How nifty-doodles! I’m gonna have to try that sometime.

    Lifecruiser: Yes, it turned out real fun :-)


    Cool idea.

    My WW is up to.

    Lifecruiser: Yes, we thought so too :-)

    MamaDuck UNITED STATES said:

    Beautiful photo. Sorry to hear about the sickness though. I hope you get some sleep today.

    julie UNITED STATES said:

    Cool picture!!! Sorry you all are having such a tough time right now. Will keep you in our thoughts….My WW is up. Hope you have a great day…

    Michelle UNITED STATES said:

    Neat picture. I hope things start turning right side up for your family.

    Wystful1 UNITED STATES said:

    Hope your friend recovers and they can find some meds that will WORK!!!

    And you L C — I hope you can get some rest soon.

    My W W is posted.

    Debbie UNITED STATES said:

    Prayers for all of you. A summer cold is no fun, unknown illnesses is even worse.

    Love the shot. So cool the way you focused on the picture in the water!

    My WW is up. Have a wonderfu Wednesday!


    Very neat photo!

    Saying a prayer for your friend!

    Mine is up!

    Lynn UNITED STATES said:

    Great picture but sorry it represents how things are for you right now. Will pray that your friend get the help they need and is better very soon.

    Kasia POLAND said:

    What a greta photo!:)
    So sorry about your friend. :(
    And in Poland when we have a cold we eat sandwiches with garlic. Stinky but works!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Kasia. Yes, we have eaten some garlic - better that both of us stinks when we shall kiss each other ;-)


    Very original photo! Sorry you can relate to it in your life though. Prayers to your friend!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks x billions :-)

    Olwen UNITED KINGDOM said:

    Hope your friend is better soon. Love the upside pick for the upsidedown world.

    My WW is up. It’s good for a laugh! Does anyone know what happened to the kdubsblog that hosted WW?

    Lifecruiser: I hope so too, but we don’t know yet, waiting for test results. Loved your WW. Something I need… Sorry, I don’t know where kdubslog has gone, or who might taken over the blogroll, maybe someone else know?

    UPDATE LATER: Found the WW code at least!

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