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    mar SPAIN said:

    Happy WW! I get dizzy just by looking at that giant wheel! very pretty though!

    Lifecruiser: Me too – and I’m very afraid of heights too :-)


    Whoa! That’s fantastic! Looks like a ferris wheel to me. Is it?
    Thanks for stopping by.

    Lifecruiser: Yes, some kind of Ferris wheel, it’s in London. Very wellknown, but with my Altzheimers Light brain, I don’t remember the name of it ;-)

    julie UNITED STATES said:

    Wow… i think I will pass on riding that one. Not a big ferris wheel person hehe.My kids would love to ride it though:) Happy Wednesday.

    Lifecruiser: I wish I could persuade myself to not be afraid of heights, but no luck so far. Strange thing is that I wasn’t afraid when I was younger… And I don’t think I’ve got any wiser… *lol*

    Melli UNITED STATES said:

    Ohhhhh boy! Now… ya know how much I like roller coasters? That’s how much I DON’T do ferris wheels… but that is PROBABLY because I witnessed a nasty ferris wheel accident when I was a child. They terrify me and I would never let my kids ride them either! (not to worry — they have had rides – jut not with ME in attendence!) That one is huuuuuuuge — and I think I have heard of it — I think it might be the biggest one…. not sure. Beautiful shot though! I bet it’s really gorgeous lit up at night!!!

    Lifecruiser: Well, things you experience as young really stays with you and is very hard to forget. I’ve problems with roller coasters too. Only been up in one when I was young and I just said: never again! I don’t know why, because I wasn’t afrain of heights then as i am now.


    This is about the only ride I will ride at a fair! The rest scare me too much! Great shot. So where was this taken? Great shot!

    Lifecruiser: It’s taken in London last year.

    tnchick UNITED STATES said:

    Oh, that’s a uber cool image, as if I expected anything less when I came here… hehe

    Lifecruiser: Glad you enjoyed it. I think the pic is excellent too, it’s Mr Lifecruiser that took that one, I think. I’m just scared at the thought of going up there….

    MamaDuck UNITED STATES said:

    Oooo, I’ll definitely have to ride that someday! Happy WW!

    Lifecruiser: woooho, brave you are :-)

    AmandaF UNITED STATES said:

    Beautiful! I think I would be very afraid of getting up on that!

    Lifecruiser: Me to… Pheeew…

    Lazy Daisy UNITED STATES said:

    It’s huge and can hold like 14 people in each compartment. My daughter got some great pictures of London from the top. Mr. Wonderful and I did one like in Austria. You can even have diner on some of them.

    Lifecruiser: Yes, it really is huge. Though, having dinner up there would be totally impossible for me – ife i ever went up in one!

    Wystful1 UNITED STATES said:

    Looks dangerous to me!! LOLOLOLOL I’m not one to strap myself into any of those seats.

    Happy Wednesday

    Lifecruiser: Me to. i think I would never go up in one. Maybe under gun threat ;-)

    Amy CANADA said:

    very neat! lol I think I’d get sick. Can’t handle them anymore!

    Lifecruiser: It’s the same with me. Afraid of heights AND get motion sickness too, how unfair isn’t that? *lol*

    Antonette UNITED STATES said:

    Love the photo! :grin: Thank you for stopping by my blog! Have a great day!!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks to you too :-)


    That’s a neat looking ferris wheel. One thing I can’t ride is a ferris wheel. I freak out at just the thought of getting stuck at the top!

    Lifecruiser: I know, I feel the same…. pheeew…


    I think it’s called The Eye? I could be mistaken, but I recognized it as being in London.

    Lifecruiser: Yes, you’re so right there. It’s called The Eye. Photo taken last year when we went to London.


    Oops!:oops: Thanks for visiting my WW today!

    Your’re welcome :-)

    Michelle UNITED STATES said:

    That’s a fancy looking ferris wheel! And it appears to be on/near a bridge. It would scare me to death riding on it! But I would do it!

    Lifecruiser: Well, then you’re more brave than I am. I had to force myself to go up in the Eiffeltower when we were there. THAT I couldn’t miss. You can’t have been in Paris and not been up there!


    wow! beautiful! i knew that could only be in london! mine’s up! :mrgreen:

    Wendy UNITED STATES said:

    Now that is one different looking ferris wheel. Great picture.

    my ww is also up now

    Lifecruiser: Yes, isn’t it? *lol*

    Jae UNITED STATES said:

    Looks like an awesome ferris wheel!

    Happy WW to you! :)

    Lifecruiser: Yes, it sure is an awesome construction :-)


    Great pic! I’m very afraid of heights, so it would take a little convincing to get me on that ride. :eek:
    Happy WW-thanks for visiting today!

    Lifecruiser: I would never go up there…

    Kasia POLAND said:

    The photo looks absolutely terrific, but whenever I take a ride on such thing – I think “Please don’t break down right now, please don’t”. :-)

    Lifecruiser: Well, at least you take a ride on them, I don’t dare too…

    twisted membrane UNITED STATES said:

    It’s a cool photo and all, but there is totally no way I would ever get on that thing!

    Lifecruiser: Neither do I, but thin Life is like a ferris wheel sometimes. Not only a roller coaster.

    Claudie FRANCE said:

    Funny picture! But i’m afraid too! I don’t know if I could go on it! But I imagine the super panorama of London you must have when you are on the top!
    good night!

    Lifecruiser: Well, Claudie, I don’t dare to go up in one – but I did go up in the Eiffeltower when we were in Paris and that was a huge step for me! Of course i had Mr Lifecruiser to lean on… *lol*

    Chaotic Mom UNITED STATES said:

    The heights/motion sickness thing gets me, too. I don’t know if it’s a vestibular thingy or not, but it’s hard for me to go on the really big ferris wheels.

    Ahhhhh… London. I was wondering about the overcast sky. I actually LOVE “overcast”. Is it really like that over there often?

    Lifecruiser: Yes, every one I know say the same and the weather forecasts too. And most of the times when we get rain here in Sweden – it comes from their direction… But we’re not that fond over that fact :-)

    eph2810 UNITED STATES said:

    Oh, it is London – thought is was Wien (I don’t know how to write it in English)…
    Either way, great picture. Thank you for sharing your travels with us.
    BTW – our son applied for a job in Sweden :)

    Lifecruiser: I think they call it Wienna in English? Glad you enjoying it :-) Wow, your son applied for a job in Sweden, where and what? Must be something special if he want to go so far away for it. Awesome for him, but maybe tough for you! I hope he like cold winters though ;-) Let me know if he get’s it! Maybe we can do something or guide him in Stockholm or something :-)

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