Se vende sign at 3280 feet by Lifecruiser
Wordless Wednesday

A sale sign placed in the middle of no where up in the mountains in Tenerife Island in Spain, at about 3280 feet.

Absolutely nothing in the surroundings. I love it. I’m so weird. And I love that too. *giggles*

Lifecruiser Signs

14 Comments on “Wordless Sale sign at 3280 feet”

    Ling said:

    Are they selling that leafless plant with the white flowers? I’m sure it must cost a fortune. :mrgreen:

    feefifoto said:

    Think you have a FAIL here?

    Sanni said:

    :shock: You just posted a photo of the perfect place to spend the rest of my life! Okay, a little Finca would be fine, but hey… the place itself is perfect! :mrgreen:

    Got 2 things waiting for you:

    1.) You won a Bl-Oscar on my main blog in the category “Best European Blog”
    2.) You’re tagged for a little photo meme on my photoblog here. Would you… pretty please…? You know how much I love your pics :grin:

    Gattina said:

    and ?? did you buy it ??


    Kind of makes you wonder doesn’t it? Well, I would ask why.

    Have a terrific day. :)

    lala said:

    LOL…that is very funny! I wonder how that sign is working for them?

    Lifecruiser said:

    I might have bought it @Gattina, if I only know what it was…. *giggles*

    GregR said:

    Everything in live Se Vende :lol:

    TorAa said:

    Who else but you could do an observation like this.
    What a WW entry.

    Gennaro said:

    Whatever it is for sale, I’m buying. I’d venture to guess that either land is for sale or it was purely for our enjoyment. Based on your coverage, the Tenerife Island sound like are worthwhile destination. My list of places to see keeps growing :smile:


    You never know what will be around the next corner, waiting to become a Wordless Wednesday…wonder if the seller ever expects to sell. Happy WW! :)

    Mar said:

    Every man has his price :smile:

    Esther Garvi said:

    That tree must be mighty expensive! :smile:
    I too could stop and take a picture like that. I’d probably build a ranch in my mind!

    Katherine said:

    That is the kind of stuff I just love… bizarre signs and pictues in unexpected places. Do you think a few field mice snuck that sign up in the middle of the night?

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