We need to get out more. We have been planning a visit to a garden to take some shot of the flowers, but have give up the hope of getting decent weather to stroll around in. It’s been rainy and with thunderstorms for the last two weeks. Since we decided to go out.

So what to do? We decided to go and visit the Haga Butterfly House instead. It just took us about 3 hours to get ready to leave home… I have no idea why. Well, yes, one important phone call between Mr L and his daughter took half an hour. The rest is just a blur. I guess we love our home dearly. *lol*

The butterfly house is at least indoors, even if the humidity there makes you feel almost like you’ve been out in the rain. But it didn’t rain while we were there. It actually turned out to be OK. Probably because we decided that we would do something indoors. And had umbrellas that we didn’t need and had to carry around.

It’s so beautiful and peaceful with butterflies. Those amazing creatures, it’s incredible what colors and pattern they can have. But they really are difficult to take photos of. They’re flying around too much ;-) Especially the most pretty ones that you really want to catch.

Tonight, as a perfect end of our “nature day”, we saw two creatures that’s not exactly common here around this apartment block.

First something that sounded like a minor aircraft – behind me indoors – in our apartment! Even though I do appreciate to see different kind of creatures, I don’t want them in here. This was a giant mutant whasp! It’s in the middle of the night, but I certainly did wake up….

Mr Lifecruiser tried to take a shot of it, but it was difficult light so he didn’t succeed with the mission. He did however succeed with the mission to get it out from here, which I’m grateful for. I’ve never seen such a big whasp. It must have been a mutated whasp queen??!

Very strange though, since it was dark outside, I thought they don’t use to be out then? Or had it been in here since earlier this evening? I doubt that, we would have heard it’s loud noise. And I remembering that I heard the sound of it the other evening and wondering what it could be in the middle of the night, so it must have been out then too.

A confused and lost giant mutant whasp queen in the neighborhood. How great. Not.

Just 10 minutes after that, I spotted what I at first thought was a cat outside behind some bushes and wanted to see where it was going. It was no cat! It was a beautiful, prosperous and foxy red FOX!

And Mr Lifecruiser didn’t get a shot of this fox either… Sometimes photographers life is just too hard.

I saw the fox stroll around on the lawn a bit and in the meanwhile Mr L tried to get his camera to be able to focus in the dark. So the fox just strolled away without being shot at. With our cameras.

I’ve never seen a fox so close to apartment buildings around this town. I think it may be because the amount of foxes has increased over here now. The fox scabies they had in the seventies decreased them badly.

Yawning big, I think I must go to bed now [05:00 am], otherwise I’ll not look particularly foxy tomorrow ;-)

Photos from Haga Butterfly House
(The photos after the lilac flowers is the ones we shot now)

And for those who think butterflies are too girlie:
Photos of other creatures in Haga Butterfly House

5 Comments on “Wonderful world of creatures”

    Kasia said:

    I love butterflies. I have never ever been in a place like that. These photos seem to have been taken in a land of fairies. Amazing.
    And foxes are truly ..foxy. I’d love to be that red.
    Btw – one of my favourite animals i have ever had was a rat. She was grey, furry and sooo wise. With the most amazing little “hands”. :) ))

    Lifecruiser: I guess all cretaures are wonderful if you start to think about it. Amazing creations of nature.

    Chi said:

    Oh, my…how lucky you are to live close to a butterfly house…I definitely would enjoy a visit & would probably stay for hours & hours!

    Gracious…a red fox that close to town! I bet that was quite a sight. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one here. *s*

    Lifecruiser: Yes, but you do get tired in there because of the humidity, it’s tropical environment. But it sure is an uplifting experience!!! And to see the fox too.

    Dave said:

    This time of the year we enjoy many butterflies. This is a migration route for the Monarchs but there are many other species that frequent the area. They seem to have little fear of us and will allow one to get very close. We also have an amazing variety of moth. Very seldom do we see fox. Usually deer, turkey, racoons, various other forest creatures come through. Around here red fox are very reclusive and seldom seen.

    Lifecruiser: Sounds like you do have a lot of creatures there, it must be very nice to live there. To see the magic of the nature. I always wanted to live on the countryside and not in the city. Maybe I will some day :-)

    Napfisk said:

    It’s been ages since I saw a butterfly. I think pollution finally killed them all off. And the only fox I ever get to see is my Firefox, hehe. It’s a pity so many creatures don’t show up in cities, but then again they’re lucky not to come in contact with us too much. The way we live, they’d get panic attacks and nervous breakdowns instantly. Glad to read about your little day out.

    Lifecruiser: Yes, if mankind get those attacks, what wouldn’t the animals get? But on the other side, maybe they wouldn’t care, just go on with their survival instincts. They’re a lot like me there – a constant food search ;-)

    mrhaney said:

    i can just visualize you and your husband at your house, camera at the reddy. just waiting to take the next photo. i have seen some of your photos on flickr and they are very nice indeed. practice does make perfect. have a good day.

    Lifecruiser: Yes, they are nearby all the time, so you got it right there. But we erase hundreds and thousands of photos all the time because we are so picky! But as you say about practise, it does helps, you can notice it.

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