After a rather sleepless night the night before we went to Tenerife – packing were finished at 4am and we did not have much sleep after that, we arrived to a rainy Tenerife, but it was warm!

We love the warm weather over here! It did not matter that we arrived late. We ended up in Golf del Sur, in the south of Tenerife, right beside the golf course – do you think that hubby is sad over that fact? *giggles*

Though when we arrived to the hotel, we were sent to the wrong hotel, because they have two hotel complex with the same name, just with the add of 1 and 2 after the name. We did not mind that either, taking a short walk after sitting on the plane for 6 hours,

We have an apartment which has a great location in this little village or what I should call it, it is built up for golf players from the beginning, so there is not much in the surroundings. It does not matter for us, because we have planned to hire a car later.

We have walked to the San Blas shopping center yesterday, but it was not much to shop there, though a nice place to have relax at the restaurants around the square,

Yesterday it were New Years Eve, which we spent first at the restaurant Angus Steakhouse with a delicious dinner, then we went back here again and had a blast at the bar next door to the hotel.

Yes, you read it right. Angus steakhouse, so guess which nationalities is the most of over here? Right, from Great Britain and I tell you – they really know how to enjoy themselves, so it suited us well.

Lots of nice drinks, people and they showed us the fireworks at both Edinburgh and London eye on a screen there, so we did not miss the fireworks.

To see fireworks here, we would have had to take the bus in to some of the cities and not be sure to be able to go back until the morning and we did not have the energy for that, but this was really an excellent New Years Eve we had, which ended in “other kind of fireworks” anyway… *giggles*

Today we have been out walking in the sunshine having a nice time, yes and had a beer too. We do have dinner plans for tonight waiting, but that I will tell you about later in the next post probably. Sorry no photos until we comes home again, no time for preparing them.

Have a great beginning of 2009 every one!

Lifecruiser ♥ Tenerife

7 Comments on “Wonderful weather in Tenerife”

    Puss in Boots said:

    Hah, just goes to show…Angus Steakhouses can be found anywhere in the world. Happy New Year, Lifecruiser…and watch those fireworks…grin.

    Puss in Bootss last blog post..Welcome 2009

    DianeCA said:

    Sounds just wonderful!!! We don’t even need the usual pictures to imagine how lovely it is there and what a good time you are having. And as long as you didn’t miss the fireworks :smile: everything is as it should be! Enjoy the warmth, its -7 here in Sweden.

    DianeCAs last blog post..I’m back! Seasons greetings


    Have a great year ahead!

    Borneo Falcons last blog post..Sarawak Bus Express, Sibu-Miri-Sibu

    Jeni Hill Ertmer said:

    Have a great vacation and I’ll be looking forward to your photos when you get home.
    Happy New Year!

    Ling said:

    You started 2009 the right way, cap’n – In an English bar. Can’t wait to see the pics.

    Gattina said:

    I think I know where you are staying it is quite new and a little farer than Torviscas, right ? If you go up to the Teide don’t forget to take warm clothes with you ! We once went up there and found poor people with the car stuck in snow and they were in shorts and T-shirts. It can really be very strange, you leave with 28° C and 40 km higher you have – 3° !!
    Enjoy your holidays, you make me homesick !!

    Gattinas last blog post..SHOW & TELL – New Years Eve

    Charles Ravndal said:

    Lovely way to spend the New Year. Anyway, Happy New Year to you and to your family! Can’t wait to see pics from your trip!

    Charles Ravndals last blog post..I Got A New Dog!

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