The over all impression of Vienna that we did get by our trip there in September, is that it’s a marvelous travel destination with so much culture, architecture and fun pleasures that you need plenty of time to savor.

I felt right at home the moment I sat my feet on Vienna’s ground, getting of the catamaran that brought us there o the Danube river. That feeling stayed during our whole stay there.

It’s actually so rich of places to explore that you need much more than the 5 days we spent there. I’d want to see much more than we managed to do.

Many very big museums in the Museums Quarter and in other places lots of galleries or shops to explore.


I’d not mind going there some day again and I’m not saying that about all the other places we’ve been to.

Very often I feel like it’s enough, now I wanna go somewhere else next time, curious as I am.


It’s very easy to get around with public transportation’s in Vienna and I always find it’s so interesting to see the locals on their way to or from their work. It tells a lot of both them and the place.

Though we were walking the city for hours and hours and we did have terrific weather, maybe even too hot, it was 30-32 degrees Celsius, so it demanded a lot of drinking…

We walked so much that my feet really was sore. I had one big blister under my foot that took 3 weeks to vanish!

…and this is how one of my toes looked liked after all the walking! *giggles*


It might not show properly in the photo, but it was doubled size and I have no idea from what, because I had my open sandals, so there wasn’t anything to get blisters from!

So to avoid looking like that you might consider taking this:


You’ve already read how pleased we were with our Hostel, Wombats, so you might wonder about the hotel we stayed at one night too?

That was Hotel Graf Stadion (***), which turned out to be a very standard hotel, not very appealing to us actually. The location were good, which was what we we’re looking for, but we would rather have stayed at Wombats if we could!

Here you can see some general city photos:

Lifecruiser Vienna 2008 Photos (for specific Vienna objects, see the posts below!).

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5 Comments on “Wonderful Vienna Trip”

    DianeCA said:

    Ouch to your poor little toes!! I was glad to learn that was a toe LOL!!! :shock: The trip looks fabulous however and I really wish to visit Vienna someday myself. I would love to get tickets to the New Years concert sometime…did you make any connections????? hint hint!

    DianeCAs last blog post..I’m back! Seasons greetings


    I have visited Vienna many times and loved it! I felt like you “at home” from the first moment I arrived there. And I will go and visit that city over and over again. :smile:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your family!

    Sue’s Daily Photography

    Susanne Van Hulsts last blog post..Tree Hugger Welcome…

    Ling said:

    Those are all nice pics, cap’n, except for the swollen toe. That was gross. :shock: But hope its back to normal size now.

    A. said:

    Vienna has to be one of the most beautiful cities. I wish I’d paid more attention when I was 14 – a very long time ago! Time perhaps for another visit. You’ve done such a wonderful series of posts that I feel I must.

    A.s last blog post..Reflections

    TorAa said:

    No doubt Vienna did make a great impression.
    A sort of beeing in love – to a City.
    That’s great.
    Just now, when I write this comment, Anna is watching Chicago
    (the movie) for the 4th time.
    We both love the City of Chicago and the movie.
    We are lucky enough to have a son, living only some hours away, so we will visit many more times.

    My fav city or metropole is Paris. I do not know why, but it’s, may be, due to the fact I did work there more than 40 years ago (-67).
    Some other “Star” main cities for me is Buenos Aires, Nice, Santiago de Chile, San Francisco, Vancouver, Berlin, Miami Beach, Amsterdam, Bruxelles

    Thanks for sharing all your wonderful moments and information about Wien;))

    TorAas last blog post..Christmas Eve – Part 1

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