There is one thing that travelers either not talking about at all – or constantly exchanging experiences and stories about: the subject of toilet facilities when traveling. All the different and sometimes very crazy varieties of bathrooms interiors and functions or not functions.

New Zealand: Emergency stop toilet at Kepler trekEmergency Stop on the Kepler Trek in NZ by RobB7

This one above is another one, which we have seen some similar ones at different places and always up in the mountains. This one though is "secured" with wires if you look closer, that is supposed to keep it from falling over the edge…

Just think about the feeling when sitting in there and suddenly falling backwards with your pants down… The ultimate nightmare! Ha ha!

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    Hahahah!!! That is so hilarious!!!
    Jokes aside though, when I travel any toilet is welcome to me, weird or not, as long as it doesn’t represent an outbreak of infection :)

    Great post!

    Ginnie said:

    What a way to go, right? :D

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