In which category do you want to be in? Winner or a looser? Of course you say winner!

Have you thought about what makes you to a winner in poker? If not, I will share some experience I have had at the poker table.

- Play poker is like standing in a queue, you have to wait for your turn if not it could damage for you. So wait for good cards before you make your decision and especially look at your opponents for what kind of draw they are doing.

- When you make a wager at the pre-flop you should be absolutely sure to win the stack. Do not go in and check, it is better to fold the cards in that situation. It cost too much otherwise and you will soon see your stack reduce very fast.

- Let your opponents be them who is wagering in every minute. They will presumably give it to you soon or later, so stand in the queue and wait, the money will come to your stack for sure.

When you play on internet remember a few important things:

- Do not look at TV at the same time it is more then enough with one display, I promise!

- Do not have a couple of children hanging around your legs. It is cute with kids but…

- Do not drink spirits, but you can with advantage enjoy a small beer and black olives………yum-yum…

- Do not argue with your wife/man, it can cost a packet!

At least when you play poker just do that and nothing else, then you can focus at the right thing: to WIN the pot.

2 Comments on “Winner or a Looser in Poker?”

    Mandy NETHERLANDS said:

    I can’t say alot about poker, never played it, never watched it being played, never wanted to. Sorry but this is my worthless comment on this post lol :)

    Lifecruiser said:

    There is no such thing as worthless comments :-)
    We do learn something from every comment, no matter how small/thin it is.

    I never played games at the comp. before, just did not like it. Mr Lifecruiser was playing Poker on the net and suddenly one day I just catched the excitement of it for the first time!

    I must admit that I do like Texas Hold’Em most. It is even exciting to just look at him when he plays. It looks like a real table with real people playing, maybe that is why I like it. It so realistic.

    But of course, there is the need of practising, as always. Luckily you can play with play money, does not have to be real money.

    Does keep our brains in shape… *LOL*

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