Cowboy On The Travel Trail.

Had I not been of a roving disposition
And made this climb at sunset hour,
To bid adieu to our global flower.
What better place to stand and muse?
Alas. Homeward calls, I’m half tempted to refuse.
Best not; there’s still much to do.
Compulsive need to find adventures new,
I’m already planning tomorrow’s expedition.

Cowboy Trails©Charimage 2013

The Footloose Home Builder Dichotomy.

We are (by nature) settlers. Surrendering much of our lives to building and maintaining our homes. Home is a large part of our very identity. It becomes the essence of who we are. Stay at home and never travel or travel the world and never return home? Given blunt choice, many of us would have a problem. We want the best of both worlds. The fantasy of travel enthrals  It is a compulsion, passion or even an obsession. Often that need comes at a price. We willingly accept discomfort, lack of sleep, exhaustion and financial burden that (as home builders) we wouldn’t tolerate; but we need our travel fix! It is an addiction. Once satisfied we return to our daily identity. “It is good to be home!” we say as we close the door and retreat to our nest to plan the next expedition.

New Horizons ~ New Knowledge.

We travel to gain knowledge. Increasing our understanding of the world and who we are in relation to it. We explore our planet and ourselves at the same time.  Gaining diversity of experience and inner insight.  We are intrinsically curious. What’s around the corner or over the next horizon? We fear and yet love to step into the unknown. We wrestle between the conflicts of security, challenge and risk. Perhaps we just need time to ourselves. To be ourselves. Away from our daily routines that we ransom to uphold our status in this human society.

Gulliver’s Travels.

As a species we are adventurous. We dream of escape from the constraint of society. The thrill of the unknown and discovery. Hearsay isn’t good enough; we need to experience at first hand for it to be ours. When we have got there and captured our goal; we frequently have the thought of home pulling at our hearts.
It is the  human conundrum.

“O, To be in England, Now that April’s there.” ~ Robert Browning

Serge de Nîmes and Genes.

In denim blue we regress to nomads. The wanderers; like our ancestors. Perhaps it is imprinted in our DNA. To walk the plains, make camp and keep moving on.  The instant we settle we surrender that freedom of daily choice. It becomes a time out. The holidays. Holy indeed; it is very sacred to us.

“Give a man a job he loves, and he will never work a day in his life.” ~ Confucius

Cowboy Trails

3 Comments on “Why Do We Travel?”

    Jane said:

    To me travel is more about feelings than thoughts. I just wake up excited when I know I am going to see and experience new things.


    Great photos. They say more about your enjoyment than words would ever do. Happy travels for 2013.

    Noel said:

    I travel for the fun, freedom and adventure outside my usual paths. I also love to experience the life and understand the culture of the people in places where I’m a stranger. Thus, travel can teach me to become a much better person.

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