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Uisce over at Whiskey Talking have a post where he is asking us to create maps of where we’ve been and linky up in his post.

As the cruise maniacs we are, this was a must for us of course :-)

I’ve been thinking of writing much more about our trips, but I never seem to get started, so why not let these maps be the start?

Take a look at Our Cruise Maps.

UPDATE: An old travel report of 2004-2005.

2 Comments on “Where this ship has cruised”


    I looked at the maps and left an important comment.
    And I like hearing about your trips so write away..

    Lifecruiser: Yes and we read and comment that very important comment *lol* Yeah, yeah, we hear you, we’re going to write about them as soon as we got the time…. Hm… when? *teasing you*

    Chana CANADA said:

    Joe and I have only been just taken our cruise this summer, and we loved it..(his second, my first)..we sign up in a program to guaranteed a few more..and we are summer we are off again, yuppi..

    so write away so i can learn from the knowledables..

    Lifecruiser: Real cruise? Sorry, no help from me there, I’m talking about cruising by all kind of vehicles, flights too :-) though i would like to go on a cruise, I’m kinda scared to get seasick….

    But I will write away about our trips anyway :-)

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