Saturday afternoon the 27th of June we went to one of Stockholms most visited parks: Rålambshovsparken where Casa Peru Suecia had arranged a festival.

The festival were called Inti Raymi – The sun festival: “Everybody joined under the same sun”. This was the first time for this festival and such a multicultural performance which we never have seen before in Stockholm!

Girls at Inti Raymi - Solfesten by Casa Peru Suecia, Stockholm, Photo Copyright

There were songs and dancing from all over South America including a very special cultural integration performance with the inka and dancing to the sun gods honor – among many other scenes.

Sitting there in this very Swedish park seeing this cultural event so far from our country did feel a bit unreal, but also very, very interesting!

It also gave me visions of South America and especially the Andes mountains. Suddenly this park scene felt not beautiful enough for these scenes.

It’s great that this cultural exchange between our countries has started and we all want to see this festival become an annual event.

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9 Comments on “When Peru came to Stockholm: Inti Raymi – Sun Festival”

    ma said:

    I have had a yearning to visit Peru since I was a young girl, lc. This celebration must have been absolutely stunning in person. I’d give anything to have been around to see this in person, you lucky woman you!


    Jenny said:

    Hey. Just dropping in from another site and thought I’d say hi. You have a very nifty blog here. I really enjoy reading your posts. I’m gonna add you to my feed reader so I can keep up with your posts. :) Have a great week!

    andrearosen said:

    every culture in each country has their own character and I am very adore about it. I live in country which have thousands island and almost each island has own cultural, song, dance, ceremony and even language..! maybe sometimes you can visit my country, Indonesia.

    By the way your site has a beautiful design.. eye catching..!! :razz:

    Maribeth said:

    Please send some sun to me here in the USA!

    Ling said:

    Must have been strange to see the heat of a South American festival of the Sun in a place like Sweden. Bet it makes you appreciate the warm climate of the South Americas.


    i wonder when will they come over to our side of the world…it’s great to witness other people’s culture without leaving your country


    We were in Peru a couple of years ago. In the areas around Cuzco and Machu Picchu I saw colours and traditional dress like this. What a great idea to have an exchange of cultures. Will Sweden be bringing something to Peru? I am loving your posts, I must visit Sweden soon.


    And undoubtedly the haunting tunes from the wind-flutes… Wow, to see this famous festival recreated in Sweden with all that colour. I wish they’d do it in Sydney as there is quite a Peruvian community here.

    RennyBA said:

    What a great festival and a wonderful performance from a rich culture and traditions!

    Thanks for sharing those great pics too and how creative. I want to know how you embedded this slide show from Flickr!

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