Everyone dreams of taking a cruise at some point in their lives. If you’ve considered taking the leap and embarking on a grand adventure with a popular cruise line, you should consider what a luxury cruise may have to offer. Personalized service and pampered travel can make your cruise vacation that much sweeter.

Several Stops in Desirable Locations


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Living on a cruise ship for a few days is only part of the fun. Many luxury cruise ships make stops in several unique ports throughout the journey, giving you a day or two to explore a tropical island, an exotic city, or a new country. A luxury Mediterranean Cruise, for instance, makes stops in places such as Greece, Spain and France. With a luxury cruise, you get the comfort and pampering while traveling from one amazing destination to the next. Be sure to ask the concierge for a top list of places and activities during each stop so that you may get the most out of your short visit. Also, make sure to note exactly what time you must report back to the ship. You don’t want to end up stuck in a foreign land with no way to get home.

Accommodations in Good Repair


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When you’re setting off on a luxury cruise, you should expect comfortable and well-kept accommodations. Carpets and railings should be clean and in good repair. Staterooms and other rooms should be large enough that you have adequate space to store your belongings. You don’t want to feel like you’re sleeping in a closet.

Delectable Eats and Flexible Meal Times


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While dining on board, expect to see elegant dining rooms, delectable cuisine, and high quality service. Cruises have been long known for strict dining times, which created such troubles as long wait times, cold food and unwelcome dining companions. But those days are no more, as cruise lines have embraced the benefits of flexible dining schedules. In some cases, passengers can opt to simply walk in during the restaurant’s open hours.

You’ll also find healthier dining options aboard today’s cruise ships.

Comfortable Rooming Quarters


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If you’re going to spend the next five to ten days aboard a cruise ship, you’ll want comfortable living quarters. You should expect clean, well-kept, and spacious rooming quarters and full bath and restroom facilities. Beds should be reasonably comfortable to avoid unpleasant complications, such as a sore back, that would prevent you from fully enjoying the experience. Also, unlike traditional cruises, luxury stays provide each cabin with at least one personal crewmember to meet and exceed wants and needs.

Recreational Opportunities


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Passengers on a luxury cruise ship should never be bored. Opportunities for fun and recreation include fitness facilities with group classes, luxurious spa treatments, spacious swimming and jacuzzi pools, programming for children, evening entertainment, such as live music and shows, casinos and of course, fine dining. Some cruise ships even offer amenities such as on-board rock climbing.

Before you book your cruise, find out what entertainment will be available during your trip and what opportunities there will be for recreation.

Ample Time for Exploration


San Pedro World Cruise PortImage via Flickr by prayitno

When you’re stopping off in ports, a cruise should offer ample time to explore each place. If you have just a few hours at a port, you’ll end up leaving feeling unfulfilled. It’s not every day that you get to explore several different countries in just a few days, so check the cruise schedule to be sure you’ll have the time you need.

A cruise is a fun, exciting adventure. If your luxury cruise has the above-mentioned features, services and amenities, you can focus your effort on creating a memorable experience instead of fretting about your environment.

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