Full House  We have been thinking a lot about
  it, trying to figure it out when we
  have been practicing Texas Holdem
  at pokersites. We know how   to loose our money, still learning
  how to keep them and how to get
  them to grow.

The first thing we can see as no pros – is to stay cool, always be calm and wager only with very good cards. We have noticed that the position also has a meaning. We have been bluffing a lot, getting a huge stake, but then lost it the same minute, so we do not recommend that kind of play if you want to let your stake grow.

The best way to earn money playing netpoker is to play tight and we mean really tight. OK, it will take time to earn the big money, but better to be sure then sorry. For us it is entertainment, excitement and the possible chance to bluff at the right time and win the pot. That is really giving us a kick.

Every cent we can win on poker is on the plus account and would be enough for us for the moment. We are still learning and maybe some day even we can live on our pokerplaying.

We will share our experience on the way with you here, so be sure to come back and check out how we are doing. We are going to study the experts really hard and share their experience with you too. So in that sense, you can learn at the same time as we do.

If you have tips and advice – or just want to tell how YOU are doing at the poker table – we are glad to hear from you. The best way is to leave a comment below.

CU on the poker table soon!

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