Isabella over at Change Therapy started a new interesting meme and tagged me.

I’m behind in my blog post writing, but still I decided to throw in this meme instead. It was easier to write. My brain is dead for the moment…. *giggles*

So, what are my favorite words then?

I have many favorite words, but these are the ones that’s most in focus right now – and have been for quite a while, so if you’re a regular visitor here you’ve probably already guessed them…. *giggles*


Nothing moves me like travel does. In fact, it moves me all over the world ;-) Not only physically. It’s probably because I got to travel so late in my life, it was my dream to travel. The first times I traveled together with Mr Lifecruiser I actually were moved into tears, so touched by the feeling that I, at last, were traveling. A life dream coming through. For me it’s combined with the ultimate freedom and refreshment. Can you feel it?


This is a similar word as travel, but not the same. This is a much wider expression of traveling, since you don’t only have to explore places, but also ALL other things here in life. For me this means open eyes and minds, to be able to take in all the impressions that’s served to you in life and not take anything for granted. To see things for what they really are, not imagined and not with restrictions of any kind. We have a whole wonderful world to explore. Daily, ordinary things should also be explored with open eyes, because everything really are miracles – if you let yourself stop for a moment and really think about it. No stress can be involved here.


This word should definitely be done more. We have so many things to share here in life, not only our travel like in our Lifecruiser Cyber Cruise reports, but everything. Happiness, sorrow, things, food, experiences, knowledge – the list could be long. To share really is a wonderful thing, we use to say that shared happiness are double happiness. So why does it seem so hard to do sometimes? I’m used to share things since my childhood and I continued to do so during my working life, but in the end I almost gave up. It felt like I was the only one sharing my knowledge and everybody else were just holding back, to gain advantages for themselves. We must share to develop, both things and ourselves.


Lagom is a Swedish word, which is really hard to translate ot English, because it has no exact translation in English. The dictionaries says: enough, sufficient, adequate or just right. I say: lagom is the perfect right amount. We have a saying in Sweden that Lagom är bäst (Lagom is best), which we often use. It’s true, too much of everything is not good as well as too little of certain things. Even the Swedish psyche is ideally lagom aka rather modest. We tend to keep in the middle and not being too extreme with anything, trying to stay neutral. So we invented the word Lagom. As I’ve heard, only a few other countries has similar expressions.


Who doesn’t love the word love? (Maybe some person that really would need love). We wouldn’t still be here on earth if there wasn’t love involved. Haven’t you heard? Sex isn’t everything. *giggles*
I never get tired of the word love. It can be used in so many situations and meanings. It’s a very positive and energy giving word. It even makes life worth to live. You can never say I love you too much – if you’re really saying it with your heart and not as a cliché. I love to use the word love in my motto: ♥Live, Enjoy, Love… Life. (See there you have some other of my favorite words!)

What does this tell us about me?

  • I badly need freedom and to cure my curiosity of the world.
  • I’m interested in so many things here in life. I need to know new things all the time to nourish my mind.
  • I have a Swedish mind and heart, born and raised in the Swedish mentality. The modest one. OK, with some outbursts here and there ;-)
  • I’m worried that the love in this world is decreasing instead of the opposite.

The meme rules:

  • what are your favorite words, and why?
  • what does that tell us about you?
  • write about it on your blog and invite other bloggers to write about it.
  • link back to Change Therapy at and she will:
    – gather the words and contributors in a list and publish it
    – stumble your “favorite word” post (as long as they meet my stumble criteria, which shouldn’t be difficult with a post like this)

Ready, set, go!

Since I’ve been really busy with family matters and exhaustion, I’m doing it easy for me and tagging YOU that reads this! Yes, YOU! Don’t try to escape through the back door. I’m pointing at YOU.

Spread some meme love :grin:

Captain Lifecruiser

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12 Comments on “What are your favorite words?”

    isabella mori said:

    hey, thanks for dropping anchor at my ship over in vancouver for a moment!

    your words and conclusions are very interesting – exactly the kinds of things that attracted me to your blog in the first place!

    anyone else who reads this – yes, please participate!

    isabella mori’s last blog post..what do your favourite words tell you about yourself?

    Shantanu said:

    What a lovely theme! I followed your link from RennyBA’s. I will be back to read the earlier posts too. :-)

    chase said:

    The word lagom in Cebuano means dark and it is usually use to described dark skinned people here. Anyways the meme is quite creative!

    chase’s last blog post..Born To Shine

    Maribeth said:

    I don’t have time to do the meme properly, but will tell you one of my favorite words is “Sweetie”. I call so many people Sweetie because I really LOVE people.

    Gattina said:

    Oh geez you are also in memes ! I did one today where I had to highlight my Horoscope properties. I fully agree with you on travels it enlarges your mind and you learn to appreciate other peoples culture. The word love has become a little used up when I think that the cashier in London asked me “How are you today, Love ??” Nobody had ever called me “Love” in a belgian Supermarket, not even “mon amour” !

    claudie said:

    No need to do the meme because I have the same words:
    Travel: yes but for the instance we have a priority as I said you before, the education of the daughters, life in France is more and more expensive and the power to buy not very high. So Pierre and me we need a lot of patience now.
    Exploring is so interesting! I’m agree with you!
    And share with the others! I share all the day with my pupils! Experiences and discoveres.
    But just a problem with lagom! How could a french be modest, enough sufficient! impossible mission with latin and gaulois blood!!! Emotion and passion ! Difficult to find the middle way!
    Love of course and I could say it in first.
    And the word of the end: in vinas veritas (but with moderation of course! ) giggles

    claudie’s last blog post..Twin sisters…Long hair

    Sueblimely said:

    Before I got hooked on blogging I used to be a regular player of an online word game called quacky. I came across some wonderful words on there, some of which I had not heard before.
    One of my favorites was ‘footle’ (to act or talk in a foolish or silly way). Not sure why but I thought it funny :-)

    Sueblimely’s last blog post..Style changes


    Oooo… I love travelling too. I have yet to go to Europe which is my dream destination and I would love to meet the Captain and her cyber cruisers. Wheeee…….

    I love you all!

    eastcoastlife’s last blog post..Garden Tech 2007 – Weekend Snapshot 1

    Mar said:

    I love words :cool:
    I think one of my favorites is BESO, which means kiss, because of the way we have to pronounce it.
    All we need is love!

    Mar’s last blog post..weekend snapshot: a blue xmas tree

    Melody said:

    Great reading lifecruiser!

    One of my favorite words (possibly my all time favorite, dunno, never checked ;) ) is ‘Persevere’.

    Btw, head over to – a new blog I’ve started, lemme know what you think!

    Melody’s last blog post..Tune In Folks!

    Billiga said:

    I love travelling, due to busy schedule in daily life i am not able to full fill my wishes. By reading your article i am impressed and started travelling.

    Resebyråer said:

    I love traveling . I have yet to go to Europe which is my dream destination and I would love to travel through Life cruiser.

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