Lifecruisers cyber cruise ball opening

Welcome to Lifecruisers cruise ball

The only rule for this ball is to HAVE FUN :-)

Tonight the Dom Perignons will flood! Let’s make a toast for how successful the cyber cruise has been so far, here let me fill up your glasses!

Lifecruisers cyber cruise ball welcome champagne

Cheers Dear Cruisers!

Oh, my, what elegant dresses you all got here tonight! I can’t believe how beautiful you all are!

I had tough decisions to make about mine, butt finally I went with this one:

Captain Lifecruisers cyber cruise ball dress

It will be perfect when I get warm from all the cheering and dancing!

Let’s start the music and the dancing and don’t forget that dancing is an excellent diet method! You’re so occupied making yourself tired with dancing that you got no time to eat and you’re burning lots and lots of fat while doing it – and it’s sooo FUN!

Let’s shake it cruisers :-)

We’ve hired a magician for the ball, butt he is kind of unpredictable. Be ware of that he might make your clothes drop down or something surprising like that!

Captain Lifecruisers cyber cruise ball magician

Ooops…. there goes my dress up over my ears again! *giggles*

Oh, I so love this – every one is up dancing! Even though some of us is a bit dizzy from all the Dom, we still can move our butts to the rythms…

Wait! Were are my handbag? I need to refresh my lipstick a bit after all the kissing in the dark corners.

Not that it were so much valuable things in it, butt the handbag is an Anya Hindmarch I gave € 867 for….

Captain Lifecruisers cyber cruise ball handbag

Oh, I’ve had so much Dom and I have danced so much that I feel so dizzy… I must rest for a while in the fresh air on deck and look at all the stars. Such a romantic evening this is.

What’s all that banging noises about? Ohhhh! Fireworks! We love fireworks and especially Mr Lifecruiser, he is like a child on christmas eve when he spot a firework – we had one as the end of our wedding party and it was a marvellous ending!

Captain Lifecruisers cyber cruise ball fireworks

Oooops…. I dropped my shoe… No time to pick it up. I’m in a hurry!

Captain Lifecruisers cyber cruise ball shoe

Mr Lifecruiser pick it up and runs after… (and we lived happy ever after ;-)

Captain Dancer Lifecruiser

Click here to learn to dance:
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Dance steps
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19 Comments on “Welcome to the cyber cruise ball”

    Hootin' Anni UNITED STATES said:

    Beautiful decor here dear Captain!!! Absolutely stunning —-sensational!!

    My gown and my ballroom thoughts are written down in my diary.

    I’ve seen Elvis and already had fun watching Gattina’s video on dancing! It’s a great start to a lovely, memorable evening. I even talked hubby into wearing a tux….but he’s shy….hiding in the shadows!!

    Let the music and laughter and dancing begin!!!!

    Lifecruiser: Warmth welcome, here let me fill up your glass…. or have an own bottle!

    We must get some speed on this party!

    I’m going to tell the band to play louder and wilder NOW!


    *spraying some champagne over the place*

    Gattina BELGIUM said:

    Ah ! the sun is rising ! Or rather setting at the back of your wonderful dress ! I hope you can danse to Elvis’ songs (he especially climbed out of his grave to join us for the ball) ! But you can at least watch the show I made up with my assistents !

    Lifecruiser: I loved the show, especially one of the hats of course since it was very much alike your prize in the crazy hat parade! And I love Arthur. After Mr L is best to add ;-)


    I’m ready for the ball! Got my last minute accessories to go with my dress and am ready to dance and party ’till the cows come home!

    But my everyone looks marvelous and the ship is particularly splendid for the party Captain!

    I’ll start off with a little Dom, SVP. Oh waiter….

    Lifecruiser: Hey ICL! How nice that you could come! Oh my, are you fresh like a spring flower! simply beautiful! Mmm, and smelling las fresh too!

    There would be no ball without you! Here have some Dom – take a bottle at once!

    We need to start the giggle feast :-)

    RennyBA NORWAY said:

    Hello fellow Cyber Cruisers! You’ll have to excuse me but I have a date with my lovely wife this evening, so I can’t participate at this ball. I wish you all the most wonderful time;-)

    Lifecruiser: So, you’re planning to sneak down to the cabin by your own are you? Hm….

    Sword Girl/0cean Lady UNITED STATES said:

    Our dresses are the same color. :shock:

    I like how yours goes way down low. Maybe I can see if they have a purple one for me. :wink:

    I’ll have to find the magician. :mrgreen:

    Think I need a bright emerald green, magician, where are u?

    Melli UNITED STATES said:

    Well, those dancer’s from Cats down in Gattina’s cabin really taught me some moves! *grabs Renny* C’mon fella! Let’s DANCE!!!

    I know… I’m late… grab me a Dom on the way to the dance floor! Thanks! Goodness! Would you LOOK at these gowns! I wonder where ICL got THAT dress! Cute cute cute!!! And accessorized to the hilt! Just stunning… Oh look! It’s Hootin’ Anni! Boy! Don’t she just clean up perty? I hardly recognized her without her overhauls! Whoooooo!

    Ohhhhh Renny! I never knew you could dance like that! Ooooooo… dip! You devil!

    Lifecruiser: Yes…. maybe it’s not the magician we should watch out for….. *giggles*

    TorAa FRANCE said:

    OMG, I’m really overwhelmed by all the beauty and dance and butts and Doms. Butt I’ve been hindered, once again. This time trapped. When everything looked so bright this morning, what happened.: Ball on the Rocks…

    Btw. This so great and pro done, I bowe my head into the dust of the rocks.

    Lifecruiser: Tor! You made it! *kisses on both cheeks* Oh, my, how handsome aren’t you all dressed up! Did you bring your friend with you too? He is most welcome, since we seemed to have a lot of lovely ladies with us tonight…. *lol*

    Here have some Dom!


    Melli UNITED STATES said:

    Ohhhhhh! LC! I almost forgot! I LOOOOOOVE that dress! And the weather — did you order it special for us this evening? I LOVE a starry night!

    Lifecruiser: Oh, thanks! Actually I love it too :-) Mmmm, the weather gods and I have some special deals. It was the same as it was when Mr L and I got married. Perfect. With a full moon shining on the water surface…. Soooo romantic…. *sigh*

    Sword Girl » Blog Archive » Cyber Cruise Ball UNITED STATES said:

    [...] ~~~Cyber Cruise Ball~~~ [...]

    Sword Girl/0cean Lady UNITED STATES said:

    I found the magician! He made a deal with me. :peeking into the ball windows with a Newcastle:

    Lifecruiser: Welcome at the ball! *kisses on both cheeks*

    And may I tell you how lovely you look in that green dress. Funny thing, my choices were between gold or green too…. and I have leered at those golden shoes…

    Here have a glass of Dom!


    Sanni-rella GERMANY said:

    :shock: WOW! WOW! WOW! How festive – I love the special ball-room look… and your dress is simply awesome.

    Did I hear DOM *giggles* May I have a few… bottles please? I really need them after my frog-kissing-gown-odysee :mrgreen:

    Lifecruiser: Oh, Sanni-rella, you made it! Thanks, you’re so beautiful in yours too…. *smooch on both cheeks* wait, what is that smell….? Frog? *giggles*

    Here, have a bottle of dom to clear your throat and senses!


    Sanni-rella GERMANY said:

    *UHM* It´s the smell of not-too-fresh frog-behind I guess :oops: I´m in need of more DOM, please.

    You did well on that special deal with the weather gods. I adore starry nights as much as fireworks… and Melli´s new hair-do!

    Lifecruiser: Yes, I know, she is absolutely fabulous tonight! Have you seen Hootin’ Annis white dress? Like a dream! So far, we’ve all choosen different dresses.

    And Gattinas dress and hat! I do hope that she won’t get a headache from it though! We better fill her with Dom, so it doesn’t matter what she got the headache from ;-)

    Debbie said:

    Here at last. Just hopped off the helicopter! What a day! I am so ready for the Dom so excuse me while I mingle, munch and drink a bunch. You dress is divine, the color is the same as mine! What fun!

    Lifecruiser: *shining like the sun* you made it! We missed you! *higs and kisses* Yes, please, do mingle and have a lot of gigglewater!

    *floating out over the dance floor*

    Sanni-rella GERMANY said:

    Oh… yes – I love Anni´s dress! Simply gorgeous. And the msuic box she bought *sigh* so romaaaaantic.

    Gattina´s dress is pretty cool. I bet it´s tailored especially for her… and the hat has a secret ice-cooler for her own dose of dome… and a trah bin to hide the empty bottles. :grin:

    Liferuiser: ICL looks like a very fresh spring flower and Debbies is pure gold I tell you! Everybody is so darn beautiful tonight…. Or is it the Dom? *giggles*

    Sword Girl/0cean Lady UNITED STATES said:

    I’m gonna do the tango with the magician. I’ve decided to be his assistant even though I’m claustrophobic. Gonna overcome any fears. :D :cool:

    Lifecruiser: Oh, tango huh? Tango is very carismatic! Wonderful! That will relax you before the magic trick!

    Gattina BELGIUM said:

    I saw the result of too much dancing at Melli ! She melted to an anorexic model ! All bones ! Terrible I told her to stop dancing. I saw a man sneaking to the restrooms, he was full of lipstick and looked like a certain Renny ! I couldn’t take my hat off because I didn’t wash my hair but it didn’t bother me a lot only my dancing partners they all suddenly suffered from a cold and sneezed. Don’t understand ! I had taken the veils off, but maybe it was the feathers around my ears !

    Lifecruiser: So THAT’s why everybody were sneezing so much! I thought it were this old dusty ship and told the crew to swab the deck!


    Had a lovely time and now I must bid adieu!


    Night all!

    Lifecruiser: So, I hope you had a romantic evening too…. Night, night….

    claudie FRANCE said:

    Good morning!
    I see that everybody is sleeping stil! Yes the night was as a fairytale!!! I saw a prince with a glass of dom in his hand looking for a lovely shoe! Hope he found it and the princess with!

    Lifecruiser: Good morning Caludie :-) hm… I wonder if it some one more than Mr Lifecruiser…..?

    JC said:

    This is a wonderful concept! I really like the dress… I love ballroom dancing so when I saw this I got really excited. Your layout is wonderful.

    Lifecruiser: Thanks JC :-) I love old times! You’re going to notice that I change the layout a bit after what the cruise is up to for the moment, though I’m planning to stick to the old style for a while at least!

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