Coming home for the keen traveler is seldom something really good, but when the weather is bad too and the fall has arrived too early, that is a very bad thing. At least if you’re Swedish and don’t like the cold climate…

Swedish rainy weather road

Yes, the above was we were welcomed with when driving home the last leg of your trip – and have been a big part of the week and today it is even worse than that, it has been pouring down all night and day long.

Only positive thing is that it is easier to adjust to the indoor activities we now need to attend after being away for two whole months! Yes, I’m still trying to sort all the photos from the Europe trip… Have patience with me since they are in a unsorted mess, I tell you…

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2 Comments on “Welcome home weather… or not…”

    Gina said:

    Sometimes rainy days (or weeks) are nice because you can stay inside guilt-free and get stuff done – or catch up on some novels. That’s my preferred rainy day activity. :)

    Anorwen said:

    I actually find coming back home after extensive travel very enjoyable. The best part is cuddling up in bed with a book and not worrying about where to go next.

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