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Dear Cruisers,

Here I am again! I haven’t reported for two days! What a scandal! *giggles*

Let me tell you all (almost, not the juicy details) about it….

The red Rose above is a Rose at the farm, a truly beautyful one, that is said to be named after Ingrid Bergman, butt I’m not sure.

First of all, we went to Sylvis Döttrar to pick up Mr Lifecruisers jacket. remember the one that got red paint on it? Well, it turned out that they got it cleaned! You can hardly see it, the only left is some very small red spots. Very good since it is a special jacket, so Mr Lifecruiser got very happy :-)

IMG_0259   IMG_0260

Friday I had my two sisters, brother-in-law and nieces coming over to FÃ¥rö where we are, so we had to show them around a bit – as much as we could in half a day…

First we went to the rauk (seastack) area, which is known as one of Europes biggest actually. It’s bloody marvellous as the English men should have said! Digerhuvud is the biggest -3,5 km – Swedens biggest.


Langhammars have some very cool formations too and some of them are as tall as 8 meter!


There is one rauk that is more known by it’s name here in Sweden – it stands in the south of Gotland – Hoburgen or Hoburgsgubben as it’s called since it looks like a gubbe (old man). When we went there last year I was really disappointed because that’s just NOTHING comparing to FÃ¥rö’s raukar!!!

The coast at both Fårö and Gotland has a lot of limestone.


Then we went to the Strandskogen Café again to eat, we were hungry! They’re so nice to us, serving us food despite the fact that we came there late (they close at six normally) at we were 9 persons! And on top of that, they gave us a little Tapas (not on their menu) while we were waiting. That’s what I call excellent service.

We had an excellent dinner – no photos as usual because my hungry family throw ourselves at the food at once *giggles*

…and then just went down to the beach for a short moment before they had to leave us and drive home to their rented cottage. My oldest sister has been ill, so she can’t do too much at one day.

This was my Saturday Photo Hunt picture I took at the Sudersands Beach, butt never published:

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When we came back to the farm, Mr Lifecruisers daughter Jane and the Norwegians (renting at the farm every year) daughter Kari wanted us to come and party with them, which we did at their caravan. We had a lot of fun and another renter and her daughter joined us too.

The bar at Kutens Bensin, Fårö.

We got so cheered up that we took a taxi cab, (the islands only taxi) to a place a couple kilometer away that’s called Kuten’s Bensin, with the fifties style – a lot of old things the owner has collected. He is a James Dean-fan. It’s an old gas station that is turned into a Rock club playing old vinyl LP and often with live bands.

The loft above the bar at Kutens Bensin, Fårö.

The whole place is full of old things, both inside and outside actually, butt since it was dark I couldn’t get any pictures from the outside. Those ones from Kutens Bensin is only taken with my Nokia cellphone.

The wall at the stage at Kutens Bensin, Fårö.

Mr Lifecruisers daughter Jane got a new hairstyle too:


Still, it was something missing to make it into art:


Actually, she woke up with the plastic cup still and branches still in her hair the day after that! *giggles*

This night it was only a few persons there because there were no band playing, so Mr Lifecruiser went up on the stage to play on the piano and boy, he got us speeding up the party tempo! In Swedish we say: fullt ös! (Like full speed) He rocked! Playing Boogie’s so his fingers is sored now!


Need I say that it was very appreciated? Everybody started to dance and having real fun. We stayed there until they closed around three o’clock in the morning, having a blast!

…and that’s why you didn’t get any post yesterday from me. Yes, I have to confess, I had a terrible, terrible hang-over from all the red wine we drank… I didn’t get up from bed until one o’clock pm not feeling at all as cheered up as the night before… How strange… *giggles*

I know that I shouldn’t drink red wine, butt how easy is it to stay away from it when it’s summer and party-time…?

So yesterday evening were a quiet evening, first we sat out and talked with the farmer and the Norwegians and then we went to our own cinema – Mr Lifecruiser’s computer and Kari’s DVD film “The Never Ending Story 1″.

Just when we were about to start the film, some one very well known by us cruisers phoned!!! Guess who?????

Tor! He was with Renny in Mariestad and just wanted to chat with us – and maybe check that our meeting is still on – Sunday Tor & Anna will come to FÃ¥rö for a couple of days! We’ll have a blast!

How great that we cruiser get to meet both here and there!

When that ended at midnight we were totally blown out like candles.

*Poff & Gone*

Tomorrow they promise some real good summer weather, so we’ll actually make it to beach hopefully!!!! Keep your fingers crossed for us. They also say that it won’t last… Bah! Pessimists… *giggles*

Feeling right at home with the fossils… *giggles*


See all our photos from Fårö July 2007 here. Or as a Fårö slideshow here.

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17 Comments on “We rock the rocks”

    thebluestbutterfly UNITED STATES said:

    Glad that you are having fun. The rose is beautiful.

    JasonJ GERMANY said:

    Wow, what an adventure!

    Maribeth UNITED STATES said:

    Glad you are having a good time on your holiday. It all sounds like so much fun!

    Tricia CANADA said:

    Wow what a trip you are having!

    The rose is lovely. There is indeed an Ingrid Bergman rose so this might be it. :)

    Your photo hunter shot is fabulous. So tall and skinny! LOL

    Rauk looks beautiful. I love the third photo you posted in that section. It looks like a gigantic termite mound!

    It looks like you are having a great time seeing some very scenic sites and even entertaining the crowds – well Mr. L that is for that one. I hope his fingers feel better soon.

    Have fun! Life is for living. :)

    lazaza83 » Bastille Day/Firework/Ball/market said:

    [...] And the holiday summer continues in Farö [...]

    RennyBA said:

    Wooow, you been busy and having a great time too I can tell – thanks for keeping us posted in all it’s details! Sorry you left out the juicy stuff though LoL!

    I’ve heard of, but never seen Hoburgsgubben – thanks for showing!

    We where in the kitchen playing cards while Tor was on the phone with you. We could tell it was the greatest conversation though – from all the giggles form Tor:-)

    Thanks for plugging us again. Tor and Anna is back at their summer house now and we are about to go to sleep (not having much of that lately LoL!

    claudie FRANCE said:

    What a special landscape with the rocks! it must be wonderfull to walk at this place! I see you have marvelous night always in music and with the most excellent and famous musicien of the Lifecruiser tour! Nice holiday meeting your family! All ingredients to have a marvelous time!
    I see there will another important meeting between the Captain and one of the most activ A-Team Cruiser! After Mariestad and the meeting Tor/Renny a second one Tor/ The Captain! An activ SUMMER!

    Gattina BELGIUM said:

    Your rock pictures are beautiful and reminded me of Turkey, strange. So you had a nice hangover that’s the bill to pay when you have fun ! (it’s worthwhile too) We have beautiful warm (27-30°) weather here since Friday and I thought it would move up to Sweden. Hopefully for you it does !

    Blogger Adsense Hacks AUSTRALIA said:

    I just envy you so much. I’ve been longing to take a break since a long time now. Just wondering how much more time will I need to take that break.

    Ev Nucci UNITED STATES said:

    Wow, those are amazing photos Captain. What incredible shots. And I love how you copyrighted them, you’ll have to email me and tell me how you did that. I know you’re still on vaca…so no hurry, but wanted to let you know that I gave you some awards my dear friend.

    You can pick them up here:

    Now, I’m going to read more about your trip. As you know I’ve been working on the books which is why I haven’t been over to seeeeeee your vaca.


    I am the same with red wine! ;)

    How exciting everything is! :D

    chase said:

    Another lovely adventure coupled with some lovely photos and post.

    Dot said:

    Stopped by to catch up on some of your posts. You sure do have some great times on your vacations. Interesting seeing the pictures and reading about your adventures.
    Give your mom a hug for me.

    Sanni GERMANY said:

    Awwwww…. sometimes I wish to have a cyber cruise spaceship – please beam me over, Captain. I´d LOVE to join ya… but the earliest time for vacation will be end of September for me *sigh*

    So I´ll keep enjoying your adventures and beautiful pictures. Love the shadows pic you didn´t post on SPSH and the stylish haircuts!

    RennyBA said:

    Hey Captian: come and get your award from my latest post! ^-^

    Lifecruiser said:

    Renny, this was not the Hoburgsgubben, this was the LAnghammars rauk, the Hoburgsgubben is NOTHING comparing to this :-)

    OH, and my humblest Smoozer thanks for the award!

    Lifecruiser said:

    Ev, I use a program called Watermark Factory which you can find at, but earlier I did this through Adobe Photoshop.

    Oh, and thanks for the award – again, you’re too kind to me!!!! *blushing*

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