I know. I haven’t been around as much as usual and we haven’t been away traveling. So what’s up with Lifecruiser travels?

Actually what’s triggering this blog post is that Gattina was so sweet, she wondered if everything was OK with me. I love my blog friends. Really. You’re all so caring!

I have been very, very tired (read unconscious) the last year. In fact I even went to my doctor to take tests to check up my struma hormones, so there wasn’t because of them. It was not, I’ve got to know yesterday, but I got no other answer either, so I guess it’s my Fibromyalgia that is haunting me together with my back.

I guess the 2 very bad colds I have had this latest half of year didn’t help so much either… *giggles*

Besides that I have tried to get in shape, been out moving my body a lot instead of being indoors or in front of the computer, but it gave me a totally cracked back again about a week ago. I have had severe problems to move at all the whole week. It was time for the bed, hot pads & strong double pills again.

Lifecruiser Travel Plans

Our plans were to take a longer roadtrip within Sweden now in June, but somehow it doesn’t seem like it was the meaning it should happened. The Swedish cold summer weather (coldest start of summer in over 50 years!) do not benefit, neither do my cracked back.

The winters are breaking me down, so we’re now more seriously thinking of renting something or at least go away for several months during the winters, not only saying it. This would help me to keep the shape I’ve gain in the summer during the winter also.

That would make it much easier for me, escaping the cold and damp winters over here giving me so much ache, plus keeping the shape and be able to build it up further instead of restarting every spring to build it up. Having any tips?

Only thing that’s really stopping us is that I have a health investigation that culminates in the end of November, making us unable to book anything before that and by then it can be difficult to find anything. I hope this will be solved anyway.

Though I’m fighting real hard to come back now and you know I’m a positive person (plus having a wonderfully caring hubby helps too) so don’t be too worried.

Actually even our Midsummer celebration plans changed too. We were choosing between going up to Hälsingland with my brother & family or booking somewhere else where there is Midsummer celebrations in the land, but we’ll probably won’t be doing that either.

I simply has to get well in my back before our annual trip to Fårö, our summer paradise island outside Sweden’s east coast. We’ll be there for 4 weeks in July as usual, then being home for a few days washing up and packing again.

Yes, remember we’re going to visit Claudie in France the 4th of August together with our dear Norwegian blog friends, make some excursions together, having fun, tasting some great food – Pierre has started to practice some delicious meals for us. We’ll stay in France up to the 18th, the last week we’re going to drive around a bit by ourselves.

If you have some tips of what to see in the south of France, please tell us. We have some plans already of course.

Our next post will be our first interview with another very interesting travel blogger, so stay tuned….

Lifecruiser Travel

10 Comments on “Wassup with Lifecruiser Travels?”


    I’m sorry to hear about your health problems – that’s no good. But you should know we’re all here to support you!


    I really hope that you’ll feel better soon so you can enjoy all your planned trips.

    I often complain about the heat in the Philippines but I realized that it might be a blessing for others.

    Take care and hope that you’ll continue to do better.

    DianeCA said:

    Hi! Sorry to hear you are not feeling so well. I have not been active much either for completely different reasons, all good…but sometimes we have to let everyday life take precedence. It is sad to hear that you are having such a tough time that it is effecting your vacation plans. Then I know it is really bad, because traveling is something you love :-) Here is blowing you a get well kiss and hoping it reaches you soon!!! Lots of hugs!

    Ling said:

    I’m sorry you haven’t been feeling too good lately, captain. Hope you start feeling better. I enjoy reading about your travels, but you don’t have to strain yourself, if you’e feeling a bit blue. Just take it easy, and you’ll be back to normal soon. :smile:

    SwordMama said:

    I hope you feel so much better!!! ((()))


    Sometimes time at home with just the family and relaxation is all that you need! However, it sounds like you have a lot planned. The winters of NY were killing me. I hated them, they made me depressed and just so not fun.

    I can see how that you be with you!

    Esther Garvi said:

    Hope you get well soon! I actually just arrived in Sweden now, and will be staying for three months. Hope to make it to a couple of places on the West Coast – Smögen is an old favourite of course, but Ven is next, then Donsö where a friend lives.
    Here’s a warm hug from Falkenberg, where the sun was shining today!

    Luferny said:

    Get Well Soon.
    It’s always a hindrance for travelers if they
    have illness.
    You better take some relaxation just for a few days for you to be fully recovered.
    I haven’t been to France yet,
    so i couldn’t give you some tips,
    but i know your plans are powerful than mine.
    Good Luck to your Travel.

    Gattina said:

    I wish you a nice and sunny summer in your holiday home ! Not like last year, which had been such a lousy summer !

    TorAa said:

    Sometimes I ponder if the Nordics are meant for people to live during the Winter?
    With electricity and heating and good health, well, it can be charming, even nice. But with your health challenges NE Brazil must be a better plaze to stay. Cery heap, sunny and dry – wonderful beaches for 100′s of miles. Go first to Lissabon and then 7 hrs flight to Fortaleza.
    I cross my fingers for you soon to recover in good shape.

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