Volvo Ocean Race Distances, Stockholm, Photo Copyright

What a lovely Stockholm City day we had Wednesday! Valencian Paella, free performances, greeting our King who passed us very close, checking The Volvo Ocean Race boats, Champagne!!! Read more…

Yep, that was the second time in my life our Swedish H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf passes me within 2 meters distance. Last time was about 35 years ago – when we both were young….

This time we both did check in the international sailing competition Volvo Ocean Race stopover area right below his castle with lots of bars, restaurants and marketing tents of different kinds – probably the largest event in Sweden for 2009.

Volvo Ocean Race Village, Stockholm, Photo Copyright

I was busy recording a video with the band that performanced there: The Marmelade Orchestra, so I had no chance to take a photo of our King with his security pals.

Actually the video went crap, because I was so distracted when he was passing… *giggles*

No, it was not because he is so nice, but you know, it’s not every day you meet a real King. I’m also kinda proud of old Sweden that way, here he comes walking on the quay right among the people with just a hand full security guards like it was an every day walk.

Where else does this happen around the world? Not in all countries for sure!

I’ve also read that The King invited the sailing crews in the Volvo Ocean Race to the castle at a garden party in the afternoon the 17th of June when they arrived to Stockholm.

Imagine that! How many can say that they have been to a King’s garden party?

It is the first time the Volvo Ocean Race has been here in Stockholm. I heard that it’s a part of the marketing of our city as a “new global city”. I don’t really know what they mean by that, I think we always have been…?

One of the Ericsson boats at Skeppsbron during Volvo Ocean Race, Stockholm, Photo Copyright

I sincerely hope it’s not the last time, because I LOVED to see all the boats here – not only the racing boats, but also lots and lots of other nice boats!

Visiting boats at Skeppsbron during Volvo Ocean Race, Stockholm, Photo Copyright

We almost felt like being at that garden party the King had, when we stopped at the bar area right below the castle to take a glass of Champagne to celebrate Susan’s birthday: Nicolas Feuillatte.

We had such a pleasant time sitting there looking at the passing people, chatting a bit and just enjoying the PERFECT Swedish summer weather.

Bar at Skeppsbron, Volvo Ocean Race, Stockholm, Photo Copyright

Volvo took over the responsibility for the race in 2001, before that it was named the Whitbread Round the World Race. Volvo also had an exhibition there, with new Volvo’s and other surprisingly interesting stuff.

The next leg in the race started yesterday and they’re going to arrive in St. Petersburg the 27th of June.

Tips: See more of Stockholm, the race boats and other boats in Lifecruiser Volvo Ocean Race Stockholm 2009 Photos.

Lifecruiser Volvo Ocean Race

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    Gattina said:

    It looks more Italy in Stockholm then here at the Garda Lake. So far the weather is so and so. Thunderstorms, rain, sunshine,a mixture and not too warm. Only 25 or less ! Not at all like last year. Was in Venice. Very expensive _


    I ♥ anything boat. Awesome.

    Have a terrific day and weekend. :)

    RennyBA said:

    I think Norway and Sweden is very similar and fortunate to live in a country where our King may walk among the people. As you might now, I have not met our King Harald, but I bumped into our prime minister the 1st of May :-)


    That is definitely something to be proud of. So many countries go to the extreme to keep their royalty and leaders isolated. It is cool that he is out in public.

    claudie said:

    love the boats races in generale! Sounds this one was a most!

    Cecil Lee said:

    You must be really excited to have your King walk passing you within meters! It’s true that not all kings from other countries “dare” to walk into crowds like your King…. Stockholm must be a really peaceful city to visit! :lol:


    No matter where I enter the keyword Stockholm – your blog posts show up!


    Ha ha, we’re happy you’re saying that – We love to be everywhere :-)

    Welcome to our blog. Yes, we’re Swedish as you guessed in another posts comment.

    Have a great weekend,
    Webmaster at

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