Lifecruiser photo Kari and her horse

On our trip to Norway, we also visited our dear friend Kari, who lives in a farm. We know her from our summer paradise island Fårö, where we meet every summer.

Kari is such a sweet, positive and energetic young woman and we loved to visit her.

At the farm she runs a stable with horses and among them are her own horse, which is a very nice and beautiful horse. They’re really matching each other well!

Lifecruiser photo Kari's horse

Kari also has a foal, but in another stable where she is taken proper care of. That’s because she has plans to use it as a trotter in races, so it’s better for the education of the horse over there.

She has help from the other horse owners to take care of the horses, but there is still the responsibility and lot of work every day.

Lifecruiser photo Kari fetching horses

Here she is taking 3 horses at the same time into the stable. She is doing well, the hardworking girl!

Lifecruiser photo Kari takes horses to stable

When I was young, growing up in a suburb to Stockholm City, I always dreamed about living in a farm in the countryside with horses. I had this dream until I were a bit over 35, then I realized that I didn’t have the body for it. Body? Yes, a healthy body is sure needed.

Anyway, it was such a wonderful sight with the horses there, so I sure can understand that she is happy there, who wouldn’t be?

Lifecruiser photo horse in the field

The right one of those two below, are of a very special Norwegian horse breed you might have heard of before, the Norwegian Fjord horse. Very strong and hardy horses considering they aren’t particularly big.

Lifecruiser photo horse looking out from box  Lifecruiser photo Norwegian Fjord horse looking out from box

When we arrived at Kari’s farm, we of course had some Champagne with us as a gift, but I must admit that we helped here pretty well to drink it. We started already in the afternoon… *giggles*

Kari made some dinner for us, which was really perfect, one of my favorites: Tacos!

Lifecruiser photo Kari in the kitchen

…and it tasted sooo good that we all three of us ate too much! We were like stuffed Boa Constrictor’s after that giant meal. *giggles*

One of her sweet cats did join us in our relaxing time on the couch.

Lifecruiser photo Kari's cat in the knee

Otherwise they were having it so warm and cozy on the heated bathroom floor!

Lifecruiser photo Kari's cats cozy time

We had such a nice time together, despite the fact that we were tired after our trip there and Kari had a hard work week that just ended.

It might have been our luck that we were that tired, because we slept on a air mattress on the floor and after half the night, much of the air went out of it! Neither one of us had the energy to do something about it, so we had to blame ourselves for not sleeping that well.

In fact this was what we all looked like after that evening…. *giggles*

Lifecruiser photo Kari's cat passed out
Lifecruiser photo Kari's gray cat passed out

Kari is here in Stockholm now, visiting Jane, Mr Lifecruiser’s daughter and we’re going to meet up with them to have some serious sightseeing in Stockholm together Saturday – including having some beers in the evening.

Cheers my dears…

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12 Comments on “Visiting Farm Friends In Norway”

    Maribeth said:

    Oh I just love horses! And what a beautiful barn!!! Off tomorrow for the Caribbean!!! Yay!!!

    Maribeths last blog post..Guess What?

    Caroline said:

    Beautiful photos – beautiful animals.

    Carolines last blog post..My pink story

    Ling said:

    Hope it was only the cats stretching out on the bathroom floor, and not you and Mr. Lifecruiser. :mrgreen:

    Puss in Boots said:

    Hi Lifecruiser…

    I lived on a farm in my younger days…I married a farmer. It was hard work but such a good life for my two girls. They had horses, calves and lambs as pets, a cat each, I had a dog…I sometimes miss it, but at 63 I don’t think I’d cope as well as I did in my 20s.

    I love tacos, too and champagne…pink bubbles are best! Glad you had such a good time.

    Puss in Bootss last blog post..Yes! Yes! Yes!

    SwordMama said:

    The horses are so beautiful. I would love to live on a farm. The cats are really cute too. :-)

    SwordMamas last blog post..An “example” as for why I’m for school choice

    Kuanyin said:

    Great photos and another fun time with horses, cats, and a lovely friend–ah, Life Is Good! I laughed about serving tacos in Norway–I guess they’re popular everywhere. And the air going out of the mattress–LOL! Great, fun post!

    Kuanyins last blog post..Balancing Rocks As A Hobby

    marina said:

    You would fit in perfectly into Costa Rica, we’ve got farm animals, domestic animals and everythign in between galore!
    however, it is warmer here and the horses in Norway seem to be way more beautiful than ours:)
    Have a great weekend, I gave you a shout out on our blog!
    MuchaCostaRica Round-Up

    claudie said:

    :smile: The work in a farm is hard but life is so beautiful with horses! These are particulary beautiful! I didn’t the Norwegian Fjord horse. Cats are nice too! What a night you had! I imagine you on the air matress! :grin:
    chin chin!

    claudies last blog post..AL DENTE!

    Charles Ravndal said:

    Nice place she has. Looking at the horses I remembered my father wanted to enroll me on a horseback riding school or something but I was just afraid. Maybe I’ll do it once I am back home in Norway

    Charles Ravndals last blog post..Menopausal Syndrome

    SandyCarlson said:

    You have a lovely friend who has a beautiful place. Her horses are gorgeous.

    SandyCarlsons last blog post..Blog Your Blessings: The White Dude

    RennyBA said:

    Nothing is like a good visit to the country side with the lovely nature and beautiful animals. Your pics shows in a wonderful way and I’m so glad you had such a great time in Norway – and even more: That we finally got to meet!

    Btw: Sorry I haven’t been around that much, but have been busy, including a cruise to Germany (see my last post) together with Tor and our special guest :-)

    RennyBAs last blog post..Olga Cruising from Norway to Germany

    Nick said:

    I am an outdoor person, I love horses and cats. But I can never afford to buy a farm nor a horse. Right now, I’ll settle with my Alice (cat). She’s my companion and confidant, she makes my day complete. I promise myself to work hard and save for a farm. I know that someday my dream will come true. Thank’s for inspiring me.

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