We were out on a short road trip at Gotland island when we found a lot of interesting vintage photo equipment in a flea market store. This Cinelarger were used to allow users to create single frame still blowups of home movies.

faro-vintage-camera-frontside, Gotland, Sweden

A very interesting profile, don’t you think…? At first sight I almost thought it were a kind of camera, before I explored it a bit further. Below you can see the front of it.

faro-vintage-camera-front, Gotland, Sweden

Then I read the name Cinelarger on the backside and opened it, to finally understand that it at least wasn’t an ordinary camera…

faro-vintage-camera-back, Gotland, Sweden

..but something to enlarge film frames with. From what I then read about it, it was medium format film used to produce a negative large enough for contact printing.

faro-vintage-camera-inside, Gotland, Sweden

This one was for 16mm movies, giving enlargements up to 8 x 10 inches. I could not spot any production year though. Any one having any ideas?

Oh, I just love those old vintage things!

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    I have a about three old cameras but I don’t think the any match for what you have. One’s a Polaroid not more than 8 years old but the other have got to be at least 20yrs+. I’ll have to dig them up and check. Thanks

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