The Swedish Charter company Ving has put up a service combined with Google Maps, with a world map where you easily can find your travel destinations and zoom in the hotel where you gonna stay and even see the beaches.

I’m not surprised. Google Maps has satellite pictures from all over the world and what could be more natural than to start using them in such an useful way?

For most of the places the quality of the maps are really good and of course it will improves to be even better with the time. I love the fact that I can see where I’m going, more truthfully than having to trust photos at the Charter companies own sites.

Personally, I’m surprised that I haven’t seen it everywhere else already. You can quickly get a picture of the place and it’s so easy to navigate between different countries and places there in.

It’s said that this is just the beginning in the cooperation, they’re going to develop it further. I’m looking forward to that!

Now I wonder if it will be possible to see people at the pool… or in the bar…. *giggles*

Click this link to test it: Ving Worldmap Master.

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3 Comments on “Ving Charter shows destination hotels with Google Maps”

    RennyBA said:

    This is what I like about the net: merging services into something useful – even if a bit commercialized.
    I agree it might be fun to see into pools and bars too of course; but just you wait and see: it might come into indoors golf too :lol:

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    Ling said:

    Google mashups have endless possibilities. They could show you the people in the pool or the bar, or they could show what’s going on in your own bedroom. Hope you close the drapes from now on. :)

    otai Charles Lwanga said:

    This is great for a travel company link Ving to show tour destinations and hotels . Am also very pround of them indicating Uganda in Their Atlas.

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