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I promised you to report back about our Räkafton (Shrimp Evening) out with M/S Vindhem the 16th of April in the Stockholms archipelago, together with my sister Susan.

I found this boat last year and registered for their news emails, since I thought it sounded like a fun trip to take, but we never got the chance to go out with them then. Recently I got a email with a very good “season opening-deal” from them, pay 100 SEK ($16) per person for the boat trip and all the shrimps you can eat, so we did jump on it!

Normally in the summertime it costs 280 SEK ($46), both for the shrimp evening and the Rock & Tacos they also have. I think we’ll try that one later on - if we get the time for it…

This boat trip is made very simple and unpretentiously, so you can really feel the cool styled, relaxed people and totally be yourself. No tight formal behavior, just simple fun!

As you know if you have read my earlier posts, you know that we went there with the purpose to cheer us up a bit - to celebrate life - and to dance since it’s a live music band aboard, this evening it was Janne & Emma that played pop & rock music.

One of Vindhems live music band

It was such a surprising coincidence that the very first song they played was one of my Mom’s absolute favorite songs, the one that she always listened to in the evenings in bed: “Ta mig till havet” (Take me to the Sea) by Peter Lundblad. A very lovely and popular Swedish summer tune.

This was the only video of it I could find, to show you. I guess it’s really showing some real Swedish traditions to sit out and eat, this is probably out in the archipelago somewhere.

Song lyrics | Ta Mig Till Havet lyrics

I did choose to show you the lyrics because my dear Scandinavian readers can understand it. It’s all about love in the summertime, at the sea, so no wonder it’s popular :-)

You’re supposed to eat as much fresh shrimps with bread at the boat as you want to - which we most certainly did. I don’t think I ever have eaten that much shrimps. The shrimps are very fresh and with a lot of roe in them to Mr Lifecruiser’s gusto!!!

Vindhem shrimps

There were absolutely no need of the cheese and biscuits they served as dessert later… Well, maybe the fact that we managed to sneak in at a pub before we went aboard the boat, had something to do with it too. Because we did drink Guiness as a starter…. *giggles*

Old Beefeater Inn Pub sign

This was at Beefeater Inn since it’s very near the place where Vindhem departure, but Söder, the southern part of Stockholm city has many very cozy, kind of “feel at home directly”-pubs. If you ever come here, you probably can get stuck there for the whole evening just wandering from pub to pub!

Here you can see that we had a lot of dark clouds for a while, but it was rather mild in the air so it was quite nice actually.

Part of Stockholm city

Stockholm Slussen from the sea side

We got really lucky though. The weather turned out to be really good for a boat trip and offered us a beautiful sunset at the boat too, but it was too difficult to take photos of it to show you unfortunately.

No, no no, it wasn’t at all that I got too drunk to be capable to take photos! I promise! I just were occupied having fun!

Two drinks

The left drink is Susans P2 (Vanilla vodka, apple sourz, sprite and lime), which I can report tasted almost too good, like candy…. My own Tequila Sunrise (Tequila, orange juice and Grenadine) to the right was just good as usual too.

If you want to see the drink lists content, click on the photo to enlarge it in Flickr.

Vindhems drink list

The boat doesn’t go so far out in the archipelago, because it returns back at midnight again. It goes out to the Waxholm Castell which you might remember from our steamboat trip we did last year.

Waxholm Castell

So, how was it, was I too occupied dancing to the live music or did I got too (grande!) drunk…? Well, we were so very occupied dancing that I didn’t have the time to get drunk…. *giggles*

As the matter of fact: I even ordered Coca Cola once :-O

So, why haven’t I reported about this until now? Well, erhm, you know, I shouldn’t dance with my bad back… so my body has been aching ever since… But it’s totally worth it!

Who knows, maybe we’ll meet there some evening? I’ll just say this warning: prepare to be sweaty from all the dancing!!!

If you want to see some more pictures - or register as a club member as I have done, just visit

Captain 2Dance Lifecruiser

17 Comments on “Vindhems shrimps boat trip”

    RennyBA NORWAY said:

    What a wonderful guided tour showing typical Swedish traditions - like a summer nights dream although just spring. You really have the great way to gathering in folk parks and enjoy food and each others company. No wonder we have our vacation home in Sweden :-)

    The movies where great - showing the typical atmosphere - thanks for sharing!

    Oh yea (but of course you know that already): I just love shrimp! (PS: Husssh, don’t tell!!! - Hope we get some at Anna’s party in September :lol: )

    RennyBA’s last blog post..IT Networking with Duck a l’orange


    […] Welcome to Vindhems shrimps boat trip with Lifecruiser […]

    claudie FRANCE said:

    haaaa! It was a long time I was waiting a new good party in Sweden with you, my Captain! The song makes I’m really in the right atmosphere and I imagine I dance at the sea! And of course I want to taste the Susan P2 and the Tequila sunrise without forget the shrimps!

    claudie’s last blog post..Time of jogging

    TorAa NORWAY said:

    I’m so happy the both of you have returned to Stockholm, from south of Spain, without forgetting all the Nordic fascinating traditions - which are, indeed excotic for most people around the World - even for Europeans.

    This is a great post - and very tempting.Best ad for the Stockholm arcipelagos I’ve seen.

    btw. We went to Strõmstad on Friday. Filled up the Car, and then stayed overnight with good friends in Fredrikstad until Saturday.
    Believe it or not, one of their summer vacation plans this year inlcude Fårõ. I said blah, blah (positive).

    hugs Anna y Tor

    TorAa’s last blog post..PhotoHunt - Saturday April 19 - 2008: 13

    Debbie UNITED STATES said:

    I am so sorry to read about your mom. She has been such a constant in your life and to now have to let that go. So bittersweet. My thoughts and warm wishes go your way my friend.

    Debbie’s last blog post..Quilting Along

    Kango MALAYSIA said:

    Great pics, captain. Looks you had a fantastic time, shrimps and pubs and all. Hope youw as sober enough to enjoy it. :)

    Gattina BELGIUM said:

    That must have been a wonderful excursion ! and really very cheap (although you should introduce the € so that you don’t have to convert into $, lol) Before I stopped drinking in 2005 my favourite apperitif was Tequila sunrise ! I see that now the days are longer and spring is coming you are getting out of your dark tunnel ! I could jump around today because it will be 17 ° and the sun is shining ! I go with a friend to the midi market in Brussels this morning that makes us feel like in holidays !

    Maribeth UNITED STATES said:

    It sounds like such fun! Oh I love shrimp and could keep eating it until it was coming out my ears! LOL

    Maribeth’s last blog post..It’s Spring!!!

    TorAa NORWAY said:

    If you want to go to 13 countries (exept your own), try this one:
    Go around the Baltics and North Sea (Finland, Russia, Estii, Latvia, Littauen, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, France, UK and Norway).

    TorAa’s last blog post..PhotoHunt - Saturday April 19 - 2008: 13

    okinawa SRI LANKA said:

    This looks like a great resource.I’m very interesting to read your blog. Thanks for posting this.
    okinawa marine

    Mar SPAIN said:

    It seems wonderful (the price too,lol). Just hope you didn’t test your cholesterol the day after :cool:

    Glad you did all that dancing, Captain. It is always good for the soul, even when the bones and tendons ache… :!: Hope your back is better now, have a lovely evening!

    Mar’s last blog post..weekend snapshot


    How fun. I wish I would have been there with you too. Looks so fun. Thanks for sharing such an exciting trip. Although I couldn’t understand your mothers favorite song I loved the tune. Love in the summer is a good thing. Have a great day. :)
    Comedy Plus’s last blog post..Manic Monday #54 - Quake


    Ahoy me capta’n!! Long time no see. I get so busy during the day any more that my online time is nearly ‘nil’.

    This looks all so wonderful

    Gary AUSTRALIA said:

    I have not done my traveling by boat, but I would like to do more in the future. I just need to get over my motion sickness :)
    Gary’s last blog post..Daily Travel Photo - Bali, Indonesia

    Eamon UNITED KINGDOM said:

    ‘it’s really showing some real Swedish traditions to sit out and eat’ - sounds like a pretty good tradition to me ..


    In Turkey there is a wonderful sailing trip called “Blue Cruise”. Many visitors combine this trip with a hotel stay. Hope to see you in Turkey.

    okinawa AUSTRALIA said:


    Its my past time to travel, but never did ride in a boat. hope i can do that in the near future..


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