Lifecruiser  photo Wien Mozart Ouch Couch
Wordless Wednesday

The famous Mozart chocolate globe designed as a couch – ouch such a creative design. There is actually one person sitting there, you can spot a foot at the closest one.

Lifecruiser Vienna

11 Comments on “Vienna Ouch Couch”

    Carver said:

    That couch is wild. Thanks for the B’day wishes.

    Gattina said:

    Hehe that’s a funny couch, they should do it here with the Atomium !

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    Sanni @ Life... said:

    I always wanted to have such a couch – and since I can’t get enough of Mozartkugeln… this one is perfect for me.

    Who’s sitting in there???

    Sanni @ Life…s last blog post..The Rocket Man

    Mig said:

    This is awesome, Captain! It does look like a coach, but it still stimulates the appetite for chocolate! ;)

    Migs last blog post..Slanic Prahova – Legends in Salt

    DianeCA said:

    I still think I would rather eat that chocolate!!!

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    napaboaniya said:

    A globe+couch+football all rolled into one. Creative indeed :)

    napaboaniyas last blog post..Wordless Wednesday #47

    Ling said:

    Where does one order one of these couch thingies? If its on eBay, I’d like one, thank you. :mrgreen:

    Shinade said:

    oh my what an odd couch! I have never seen one like that before. Oh dear it’s quite different and interesting. but, I don’t think it would fit with my southwestern design.

    But what a lovely and unique WW!! :smile:

    Shinades last blog post..PH: Theme Together

    SwordMama said:

    hahaha! I think I’m with Diane on that one. :mrgreen:

    SwordMamas last blog post..J has upgraded my WP for me…

    Sueblimely said:

    It looks as if the chocolate is devouring the person – death by chocolate :grin:

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