In our budget trip to Vienna in September, we did try to find some budget meals too. Believe it or not, but the above photo are budget food!

If you love seafood – or want to learn to eat seafood I highly recommend the Nordsee Restaurants, this one was at Kärtnerstrasse nearby Stephansplatz in Vienna City center.

Nordsee are restaurants and snack stores where we found simply delicious, very fresh seafood buffets. An average meal may cost around €7, depending on how hungry you are of course. They really had very reasonable prices.

Lots of different choices, wraps, baguettes etc – in fact there where so many choices that it can take a while to choose….


It seemed to be very popular for takeaways, lots of people buying lunch food, but the staff worked off the lines very fast. No wonder people shop there since it were so fresh and mouthwatering looking.


I’m really impressed, because that’s the most classy fast food I’ve seen so far and I really, really wish that we had something like that here in Stockholm.

Of course there were even other kinds of fast food and what would be more appropriate to choose than the so common hotdog stands?


Once again I’m impressed, this time by the variety of different sausages they did serve. We’ve nothing like it in Stockholm, just a few to choose between and some of them I don’t even call sausages, it’s not enough meat in them.


Since I’ve heard a lot about the famous Currywurst from several persons earlier, I just had to taste it.

It’s pork sausage with curry powder and the sauce were seasoned with curry and perhaps other spices too? It really tasted good! Yum.


The currywurst has long traditions in German, it’s invented (and patented) in Berlin and has now gained cult status. They plan to open a Curry wurst museum in 2009. I like the idea, I’d love to go to a sausage museum!

I can’t say that it were exactly cheap to eat dinner out in Vienna, but it was like always when you’re in tourists places – if you avoid the main streets, you’ll find reasonable priced restaurants and even satisfying food and service.

So, now we comes to the question: did we eat any Wienerschnitzel (breaded Veal cutlets) while we were in Wien?

Well, not me, but hubby said it was an absolutely must for him. I didn’t think it looked that tasty, but he assured me that it was.


I ordered something else, since we always do that, to get to see or taste as many different new dishes as possible. It were cooked meat with different sauces, where one of them where horse radish sauce which I love.


That was excellent meat, not at all difficult to cut or eat, it just melted in my mouth and it was perfect spiced. I couldn’t be happier.

We had other meals in Vienna too, but as usual I didn’t remember taking photos of them because I was too hungry and just throw myself over the food before thinking.

One day when we were out sightseeing and had been going for too long, we stopped at an Australian pub along the way, because they had wooden bar tables outside.

OK, we needed a beer, I confess…. *giggles*

The price for the beer were €4, not as wonderfully cheap as in Bratislava. To go with the beer we ordered potato wedges which arrived in an very interesting basket: it was edible.


Potato wedges actually are quite good survival food, cheap and it goes very well with the beer. Much better than french fries.

When it comes to desserts Vienna has lots of desserts to offer, but since were not any big fans of desserts, we didn’t eat that many.

One of them were pancakes with icecream, cream and chocolate sauce. I don’t remember the price, just that it weren’t that expensive.


A really true budget alternative is of course to simply buy icecream out on the street, like the one below.


There is always a lot of cheap alternatives, so even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend, you can still get good stuff to eat.

Or just let your mouth watering from delicious things in the windows… *giggles*


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20 Comments on “Vienna Delicious Budget Food”

    Puss in Boots said:

    Yummm, that seafood looks delicious and could I see caviar there, too?

    I love weinerschnitzel and have it a couple of times a month, but I would like to try it in Vienna to see if mine tasted the same.

    I love trying different foods in different places, some are lovely and some are not so nice. But…at least I tried them.

    Puss in Bootss last blog post..Waiting…waiting…

    Jeni Hill Ertmer said:

    Usually, your travel posts just make me wish I could go roaming all over the world to see the fantastic sights you write about. But tonight -well, now you’ve done it! You made me hungry, very, very hungry!
    Great pics! Great post to go with ‘em too!.

    Ling said:

    Ahhh! Cap’n, I just had a full meal, and all your pictures have made me feel hungry again. Great pics, and great food. Keep them coming. :mrgreen:

    Gattina said:

    What is your intention ? getting me virtually fat ?? That all looks delicious !

    Gattinas last blog post..

    Maribeth said:

    I have now gained back all the weight I lost at WW just looking at all of this! LOL!! I love German/Austrian food. Especially a good schnitzel!!!!!

    Maribeths last blog post..Short Post

    SwordMama said:

    oh yeah, that food looks sooo good, definitely making me hungry. The curry sausages look really good. I love horseradish too ~ those sauces all look heavenly with the food. :-D

    SwordMamas last blog post..Bring me to life


    I live in California and never ever eat fast food. It tastes BAD. What you showed me in the photos, looks excellent, except for the last photo. HAHA!!!

    Gutsy Writers last blog post..Digital Domination: How Does this Affect Writers?

    TorAa said:

    I can not believe this is budget meals.
    Wooow – I think I must hitch hike down to Wien (Vienna).

    Wonderful advice – nesttravelling trips I’ve read regarding Wien.


    It’s strange to think about food.
    What was far too expensive for most people in the 1950-70′s is now the cheapest: Saumon.
    And what was really what even the poorest could buy? Heering?
    Now it’s turned around.


    Never knew one can find such a budget meal in Wien. It still looks luxurious. There are so much variety of food there.

    Keep it coming!

    Borneo Falcons last blog post..Chew Jetty

    Lynda Lehmann said:

    What sumptuous food shots! I WAS headed off to bed but I think I’ll stop in the kitchen!

    Lynda Lehmanns last blog post..Variations on the Surface of a Stump, Between Light and Shadow, Etched by Time


    so how much were the food? i wanna know so i can prepare for my future trip to europe :P

    i know it’s kinda expensive there but there must be ways I can go on a tight budget

    Charles Ravndal said:

    It doesnt look like budget meal to me since they all look so delicious and nicely displayed. Now, I am wanting to go to Vienna City once I am back home and settled in Norway. That will be a part of my summer travel itinerary.

    claudie said:

    this is the first time I hear about sea fast food and this one looks particulary nice and the food seems so fresh that I become crazy just looking at it! :grin: Potatoes with beer! My dream, just now! :razz:

    claudies last blog post..Christmas tree story

    Mar said:

    :grin: Everything seems so tasty, I am very hungry now!!

    Mars last blog post..Tuesday Themes very late on Monday and…big news!!

    Caroline said:

    Oh my Goodness – have you ever seen anything so delicious! That first photo is just too much for me………That’s it! Vienna is next on my list – after Christmas in Spain with my parents….and visiting family in Norway for during the summer holidays… which time we might be broke – but anyway.

    I can’t believe that the word ‘budget’ fits into such a picture of luxury!

    Carolines last blog post..I forgot mufti day!

    Cecil Lee said:

    Thanks Lifecruiser for your marvellous stories and facts on Vienna budget foods! I would say you made Vienna more interesting as a travel destination than it was published in our magazine here in Malaysia… :grin:
    Anyway, I don’t expect to see chinese (Is it?) selling ice-cream and gelato in Viennnnnna :roll:

    Cecil Lees last blog post..Travel By Photo – Shanghai Night & HuangPu River Cruise

    Lifecruiser said:

    Well, Cecil, it does look like some sorts of Chinese letters on the icecream sellers sign, yes. My Chinese isn’t good enough to be able to tell ;-)

    I must add that it was the only ones we saw there though.

    Casey Camilleri said:

    Thanks so much for the information about Nordsee. The pictures look amazing. Can’t wait to try it in September!

    Laura said:

    I shouldn’t have clicked your link from Twitter. I was wishing for something yummy now I’m actually craving something good and the best I can do is poached eggs and a can of salmon.


    Not bad that either Laura! We actually did eat salmon the other day at home, we recieved a giftcard with deli food recently, three courses and we did choose salmon as the main course. It was delish :-P

    I will not mention the entrance & dessert to not tempt yuo too much….

    BTW: Nice “seeing you” again :-) Happy to see that you’re still in the blogworld!

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