We have a tendency to forget to use the toll-free 0800 number opportunities that is available in many countries, when we are abroad ourselves, so we wanted to remind you all about the use of it. Every penny to save while out traveling is worth the effort!

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As travelers we have used it on several occasions, but could have used it many more times if remembering it. Like one time when we wanted to book in a rather late minute (because we were having some problems in the schedule) for a special occasion, but still be really sure that we would have that room at a Marriott Hotel. They had a 0800-number (a toll-free phone number) which we could call and re-assure that our booking went through properly.

Or another time when we wanted to ask for very special arrangements upon arrival… It turned out very well. Very convenient. Marriott had a whole page full of Worldwide Telephone Reservations toll-free numbers, so be sure to check out if it exists with the ones you’re booking with too.

Freephone services appeared in the United Kingdom already in the sixties and a toll-free service was originated in the United States in 1967, while in Sweden we were really late to adopting to this with 020-number instead (can’t be reached from abroad though). 08 is used for the Stockholm area, which might be the hindering factor for Sweden to use the 0800-series?

If you want to know the right toll-free number series for the country you’re in, check in this Toll-free number list in Wikipedia (scroll down on that page).

Also be sure to check the hotel site (or flight, train or whatever it is you’re booking) if they have a toll-free number to call or make your reservations at.

Don’t use other numbers when you don’t have to! Remember: Every little amount builds up to a pile of money…

Important advice for all travel related businesses: be sure to get a toll-free number for your customers and you get an advantage before your competitors!

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    This is so true! Many people, in fact, have no idea about this number even existing.
    Good tip, thanks for sharing :)


    I’ve just added you on my blogroll on a new blog I’ve just started, with photos from my travels. If you’d like to visit sometimes, the link is


    Jesse said:

    I think since most of the people are already using mobile phones instead of land line phones they think it still cost something when you call on this toll free numbers.

    Gattina said:

    That’s interesting to know ! I always call via Skype because I have my little notebook with me.

    Ginnie NETHERLANDS said:

    Very good point, LCT! I try to use the 800 number whenever possible, especially whenever I have to call back to America!

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