Mrs Lifecruiser: I’m doing some nice day dreaming about the revenge….

War zone update

But this is not a possibility in our war. *heavy sigh*

Why not?

Well, the answer is quite simple for once:

1) We do love each other very deep.
2) We seems to have problems spending any time apart.
3) Our sofa is not big enough to sleep at.
4) I have mercy with my man after all.
5) I need him to keep my back warm.

…...OK, I confess, that is not the main reason…our only bed is 90 cm width. ….. It is true, I swear! (I think this is about 35,5 inch, I am not sure)

We have been sleeping in that mini size bed for about 1,5 year now and is just loving it. The bed is the main reason for us to get home sick when we are on our travels. Yes, we are crazy, told you so before, now do you beleive me…???

I will think of something else for getting my revenge…

Any one having any naughty suggestions……?

Come on, be creative, spit it out now, something you always wanted to do your self maybe…?

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