Unusual Hotel Post Escape

One of our own absolute favorite articles about the Långholmen Prison Hotel in Stockholm has escaped!

Leg irons, Långholmens Hotel, Stockholm, Sweden, Copyright

The escaped article was found at Unusual Travel Destinations where it was in good company with other quirky sleeps, travel tales, unusual castles, funky hotels, road trip destinations, unique cultural festivals and other unusual vacation ideas.

Get inspired to do an escape there yourself!

Lifecruiser Unusual Travel Destinations

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Comments on Unusual Hotel Post Escape

  • 1
    Fida CANADA said:

    lol…I so hope I don’t get locked up for it :wink:
    It’s such a fun article - I couldn’t resists! Thank you again!

  • 2
    claudie FRANCE said:

    like unusual destinations…full of surprises :razz:
    This one could be very frightened! :wink:

  • 3
    DianeCA NORWAY said:

    Oh my your prison article was kidnapped??? Mysterious. Actually I think I remember the original :-) Sounds like a different kind of holiday!

  • 4
    Mircea said:

    Torture included? :razz:

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