One of the absolute best things when out traveling, is to taste the different dishes of other countries typical local food or traditional food. I believe that the most typical, traditional Swedish dish must be Swedish meatballs. What is it in your country?

Sweden: Swedish meatballs lifecruiser made, typical traditional local food

Meatballs are one of the dishes that I can’t stop making, it’s such a great way of using minced meat and make it last for many dinners, just throwing them in the freeze is so darn practical. They’re perfect as a picnic basket ingredient. Or just as a night snack.

Though it won’t do with the ready-made you can buy in the stores. No, you just have to make them yourselves, it’s such a huge difference! You won’t be able to stop eating, they will disappear in no time…

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    I always make meatballs myself – it’s fun! We’ve even bought a mincer so we can make mince ourselves too :D

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