Ooh, dear, what a cruise we are doing. Nothing can stop us, operations just before taking off and then illness after illness… Thank god that there are some painkillers to make us going :-)

Catching colds, pain in the back, neck, stomach, heads, but still going strong and really enjoying our trip and life. Are we completely nuts or what?!

The food is quite changing, often good, always interesting to taste other countrys food. Scotland has rather good food, expect from that we think it needs some more spices. Today we tasted Haggis – you know that mysterious animal they made up that they say that Haggis come from. Fun story,the hunters only seeing them when they have drunk enough with whisky ;-)

We always try to take a picture of the food when we get it, but some how we often forget about it, so we must be very hungry when we at last get it. Or is it our age *mumbling something grumpy* – are we getting Altzheimers desease…?

It’s the differenties between the countrys that are interesting, so make sure that you are noticing everything next time you go abroad! Take a simple thing as when you shall flush the toilets – very fascinating how it can be done in some countrys – and in some how it can’t be done…. *laughing loud*

We have also been visiting The South End where Paul McCartney had a house and they say that he wrote the song Yesterday there.

Then we went to the most westerly point of Great Britain, Ardnamurchan, just to see how it was out on that coastline. There we went to a community Centre to support them by eating their Soup of the day, which was actually really good. It is that small things that gives you the most, because we had a little chat with the ladies there and got to know things we never had otherwise.

Like that the sheeps wool mostly is been used for carpets, not for sweeters. Thats because their wool is so hard so it wont be nice to have against your body. Among other interesting day to day things in the scottish peoples life that you dont get to know as a tourist.

They have really nice beaches with white sand near Morar village, we dont know how it get there, but have to find out!

The roads are good, but with a lot of curvs and no space besides the roads to stop, so be sure to drive in a good speed, because the scots are!!!!!!


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