So, have you turned on me yet? *giggles*

Place the cursor over the pic to turn on me for some fun!!!
(It’s not even necessary to say click…)

Open invitation to all bloggers to our next event:
Share your scare – Thursday 25 October!

Lifecruiser Cyber Cruise Halloween LC Share your scare 1

Write a post – or dig up some old posts – about something scary you have been experiencing or scared others with (not necessary a Halloween scare), leave a comment here tomorrow Thursday, so we know where to go – if we dare…

Captain TurnedOn Lifecruiser

All bloggers are welcome to Lifecruisers Halloween 23-31 October, with a spooktacular Halloween Party the 31th!

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18 Comments on “Turn On Me”


    That was very entertaining, but your site always is. I already have my Halloween party graphic on my sidebar. I just don’t have any scary stories. Have a great WW. :)

    Heather said:

    Great photo. :) Love on mouseover. :)

    saboma said:

    I wish I had an imaginative story to tell yet this myopic mind insists on being involved in world events with the US as its primadona.

    That’s scary enough for me, in and of itself.

    ^5 and group *Hugs!*

    And Miles To Go.... said:

    how did you do that? That is so cool!! Happy WW.

    Melli said:

    Ah! A female! LOL! We don’t eat them here! Only the males… toss the females back to make MORE! I don’t do scary stories… but maybe I can lead you to a scary trick-or-treat page I made YEEEEEARS ago! I’ll see if I can find it!

    Gattina said:

    Your thing didn’t want to turn around so I couldn’t admire the other side, lol !
    For tomorrow there is a slight problem for me because it’s Thursday Thirteen but I will try to turn it into 13 horrors and combine.

    laketrees said:

    oooh clever crab… Captain… hehe note the use of alliteration :)
    I have posted a ghostly poem at
    for your perusal :)

    A. said:

    Funnily enough I posted something just a couple of hours ago with the title “Scary”, but probably not the sort of scary you had in mind :) :)

    jams o donnell said:

    Two great shots and a great effect! Happy WW

    pelfy said:

    Ahaha!! There are two pictures all together. I thought I was looking at the same thing. hehehe… Ouh.. I love crabs, especially when they are cooked together with chili. Yummy (=

    cheh said:

    hahaha shucks! Those eyes on the header terrified me big time :D

    Lovely looking crab! I have a real nice recipe with cocos milk,just kidding!

    Happy WW!

    claudie said:

    Always fun and surprises here! You are very reative! Melli is an expert with crabs to recognize their sex!!! I’m thinking to halloween stories I’ll write in a few days when I will on vacation!

    raja said:

    Captain.. Im here after a long gap i think…Like cheh said , the picture on the top with a hole in so called fore head terrifies me a lot each time I enter the cruise….

    Crab…… God im pure vegetarian….

    It seems. crucio spell (Harry Potter) casted on the crab….
    Captain i have lots of scary moments experience…. Where shall i share them……. Shall i mail u…. or some other way…..?

    .: mar said:

    That was cool !!

    This and That said:

    Cool effect!!

    Kuanyin said:

    Right now, I/Me/Myself am the scariest thing I can think of as I’ve been sick for far too long (two weeks), and now I don’t even need a Halloween costume for I’m simply a fright in my own right.

    If I can think of anything to contribute tomorrow, I will. BOO!

    RennyBA said:

    Wooo, now I realize I have a magic cursor or mouse. I’m off to check if i can undress people in pictures on the net too LoL

    Isabelle aka Tricotine said:

    Great mouse over effect, and awesome photos! :-)

    Happy WW!

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