The new TripChill Mobile Travel Assistent is in Beta phase, but already seems very promising. Who wouldn’t need a travel assistant to keep up with all kind of changes for your travel itinerary?

Finally something really useful, I’ve been waiting for things like this to show up.

It works with any cell phone or smart phone via text messaging or e-mail, but also by pointing your mobile web browser at

They even have a special Apple iPhone application.

There are already enough of very useful helping features: TripChill Features List.

I’m especially pleased with the features: monitor your flights, alternate flights, smart notifications about changes, notifying of my contacts and Google calendar integration.

Oh, and the parking reminder – with our Altzheimer Light we really need that to remember where we did park our car… *giggles*

I’m very impressed by this one and hopes that it’s more really useful services like this showing up in the future.

I haven’t tested it properly yet, but I sure will on my next trip. If you do – let me know what you think about it!

Lifecruiser ♥ TripChill

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    Maribeth said:


    I’m having a poll over on
    Please come and vote! I need your opinion on this!!!

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    TorAa said:

    Seems to be a good application.

    But I need a new mobile device to start using it. My 10 year old Nokia does not handle this modern services. LOL. (It’s a phone primarily)

    Do you know what kind of Mobil Devices can be used and what kind of Mobile Phone operating system(s) that is/are suiteable?

    Another Thought is (may be very old fashioned):
    What will people do if they only trust in electronic aids? To find their way? If the energy source fail?

    Like on your screen, we have snow falling down here. Trafic chaos.
    What else to be expectet after 35 – 45 cm in a short time. On a Sunday. More snow expected during the Night and tomorrow morning and early afternoon. I have to drive. But, well, I’ll manage, with some patientence.

    btw. How are you now? Free from illness or still have something left to get rid of?

    Lifecruiser said:

    Well, it’s said to be functioning with ANY cell phone, by text messaging, so even your old one should do :-)

    You start out managing/setting it all up in the web browser at home, then you can get messages about delays and other stuff. But of course it’s preferable if you can surf w web browser on the phone too.

    Me, I got myself a new LG KC910 Renoir recently (almost looks like the iPhone with touch screeen) so I’m lucky that way, now I must negotiate with the phone company about the surf rate :-)

    The snowing stopped here, so we only have some powder on the ground and plus degrees, so it might not be more. Or I’ll wake up to a white surprise tomorrow morning…. *giggles*

    We’re not quite well yet, feeling just slightly better now, no more toilet rodeos, but the coughing is awful and we’re exhausted. Recovering slowly.

    Ling said:

    Looks like a useful service. Most of the iphone travel apps I’ve seen so far are specialized – like limited to local restaurants, or flights schedules and things like that. this one looks like it can do a lot more. Thanks for the tip. Now you have no excuse if you get lost while driving somewhere. :mrgreen:

    Sueblimely said:

    Apologies for not visiting for so long, life gets too busy at times and I do not leave time to visit blogs I enjoy reading and keeping up with my favorite people.

    I am not used to using my mobile for anything but calls and text but TripChill sounds perfect for travelling with no computer at hand. Still planning my big trip to Europe – hopefully September time – this year. yikes, this year has arrived – it is not too far away.

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    Gattina said:

    Oh, sigh ! and I wanted to see some pictures of Tenerife !

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    A. said:

    So sorry to hear you’ve been feeling so bad. I know it didn’t happen until the end but I hope it hasn’t spoiled all your holiday memories.

    I never use my mobile phone for anything other than calls and text messages. I’m a real dinosaur when it comes to anything any more exotic.

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    kim holm said:

    That is really a need program.

    Most of the services however can be obtained in seperate apps for your phone.

    But what I especially like is the flight scedule with alternate options for other flights.
    And the driving directions, even better if they were to be exported to your mobile navigation system.

    But the bottom line is that by connecting all info on your travel and reponding/advising accordingly to relevant agencies is absolutely brilliant.

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