Time to plan the trips for the year of 2009, at least a couple of them. Must leave some space for unplanned spontaneous or last minute trips too, which often can turn out as good as the planned ones.

We’ve already talked about a couple of trips, which some of them are very popular and needs to get booked in an early stage to get the best price – or to even be able to get a ticket.

We’ve booked the Gotland ferry to get to the very small Swedish island Fårö, 2-30 July (4 weeks as usual), which got Sweden’s very best sand beaches. More excellent than some beaches abroad actually.

Fårö is right above the north tip of the bigger island Gotland on the east coast, which is Swedens summer party island #1. From there goes a free road ferry over to Fårö. We have a standing reservation at the farm we use to stay.

Today we also booked a flight with Ryanair to Marseille, France, 4-18 August (2 weeks) for our blogfriend meeting we’ve been talking about for so long now. My loyal old visitors.

We’re going to do some sightseeing and the very generous and wonderful Claudie has invited us to her home too! This meeting will be a blast – to meet each other after all this time!

Next trip we’ll begin to look at, is with an unknown destination so far. One of the xmas gifts we gave to Jane this year, was a trip somewhere together with us!

So now starts the hunt for the right dates (spring), place and things to see there….

Where would you go with a 25 year old girl, except for the obvious like London…?

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    carmen said:

    what about washington dc? Las vegas? come to amsterdam with me!

    carmens last blog post..Win this Necklace!

    Ling said:

    You’re going to London? Now that’s a trip I’d like to take myself. If only they could change the weather a bit. :mrgreen:

    Maribeth said:

    Oh it sounds wonderful. My only trip this year will be to Germany in the next 4-6 weeks to breed Anneliese to her German husband. Then I will be home with puppies for the rest of the year.

    Maribeths last blog post..Dogs & Snow

    Esther said:

    You really make me want to visit Fårö! I rarely spend any time on the East Coast of Sweden. My mother was from Smögen, which used to a very charming place. Now it’s growing touristy and I have less and less relatives there of my own age…

    Esthers last blog post..Kalahari’s first excursion outside

    Cecil Lee said:

    I’m jealous! You’re talking about 4 weeks and 2 weeks of summer holidays which are too luxurious for me! :oops: I hope I would have a longer holidays as yours….

    For a 25 year old girl… Have you considered the Sahara Desert? I watched a documentary recently and found that scenery at the desert is just brilliant! Especially when you could not imagine to see a snow mountain in front of a desert!

    I think you guys would love to explore that… perhaps?

    Caledonia said:

    If I was Jane, I’d want you to take me to NYC!

    Caledonias last blog post..Happy Burns Day

    claudie said:

    :grin: I’m so glad to receive the capt’ain at home! So much fun!
    I will have a look on the nicest visits we will can do around and you will have just to choose those you love! Pierre’s brother is a good cooker too and you will taste his specialities too!

    claudies last blog post..Love’s grief!

    Mats said:

    Hello Friends,
    It is time to show the world where Samoa is, do you know? I like to find new ways for people to share their personal experience about Samoa (a small island in the South Pacific), whatever it is, with many people that are longing for information from a normal person like you and me (not a travel agent or a brochure). We have so much to offer that is not being used and many people would like to have a job to support their family. Help me to put Samoa on the Map and let the world know where we are.

    Sunny Greetings

    Matss last blog post..People

    Judy said:

    This is my first time writing on this page wow love to hear about different places Just wanted to say hi to everyone. :smile:

    Marion said:

    You’re planning a trip with your 25 year old girl, but don’t want to go to London? What about Berlin? It’s one of the trendiest holiday destinations in Europe and if your daughter likes art, music and design she will certainly enjoy the city.

    Just want to add that Marseille is my hometown and I’m sure you’ll love it!

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