35 years ago, I were almost on my way to Canada, but things changed and I never went there – and still haven’t been there. We have been talking about going there some day so I decided to gather information until then, useful when going there.

As Canada is so large (second largest country in the world!) it would mean we would need to stay for quite a while, if wanting to be able to see more than just a tiny part of the country.

Obviously we can’t stay for too long though. While I love the thought of staying in Canada, I do not want to take up residency there. Plus, since I am already no good with tax administration, learning to use their TurboTax Online software, which is easy in principle, will prove to be a daunting task for me. However, I think an extended visit there is definitely in order.

I always love to go by car – or maybe greyhound bus in this case – but since it’s so large, we might be forced to go by air instead….

Or a dream would be to go by train Vancouver-Toronto, just read this description of Rail Canada:

“The majestic Rocky Mountains slowly emerging from a veil of clouds….. Take in boreal forests reflecting on the surface of the Great Lakes. Prairie sunsets painting vast skies in shades of fire. Mountain peaks towering above as the train winds through the Rockies.”

Now I’m even more curious since our blogger friend Tor has been there recently and I must take time to read all about it.

There are a few places and attractions I know already I would want to prioritize – from what I know right now: you might be able to give me tips of more things, I’m sure!

1. Cape Breton, Novia Scotia

Cape Breton is an island at the tip of Nova Scotia in Eastern Canada, which has an interesting Celtic heritage, but Cape Breton also has what they claim to be the world’s most beautiful drives: the Cabot Trail.

ca-cabot-trailPhoto by Dani, Flickr.com

2. British Columbia

British Columbia is Canada’s most western province and a top tourist destination for adventure trips with the islands, long beautiful coastline and mountains to explore. We’re always drawn to mountains, heights and the Sea for some reasons.

I also want to take a ride at the False Creek on an Aquabus ferry for the whole circuit, which takes about half an hour, so I can see Vancouver – the heart of BC – from the water side.

ca-vancouver-ferryPhoto by Squeky Marmot, Flickr.com

3. Toronto

I know at least two attractions I want to see in Toronto and number one is the Casa Loma, which seem to be such a fantastic building with a fascination and inspiring history.

ca-toronto-casa-lomaPhoto by Carsten Kessler

The other attraction is the well known CN Tower. Yes, it’s the view from up there I want to see, even though both of us are afraid of heights, these kind of tourist attractions are a must for us anyway.

ca-toronto-cn-tower-nightPhoto by Paulo Barcello, Flickr.com

I also have two cousins in Toronto and it would be nice to meet them once more, the last time was about 35 years ago!!!

The only thing I remember about my aunt from Toronto, was that she loved pancakes with maple syrup for breakfast – plus she always did drink coffee together with the meal, not afterward as we do.
Oh, and yes, even if she was way over 60, she loved to listen to Bruce Springsteen – very loud!

We would want to visit Niagara Falls one more time, this time doing a proper sightseeing for several days around the area and seeing the falls from the Canadian side.

Of course there are a lot of other places too, but if I listed them all this post would be a mile long… We also have one of our best friends in Michigan, US, which we could plan to visit in the same trip if we’re going there.

There are several online friends to contact for a meetup if going to those places, that would be such an awesome experience!

If you have any tips: please feel free to leave us them in the comments.

So, the only thing missing now is some more money in the wallet (will take us some time!) and then to find cheap flights!!!

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5 Comments on “Travelling in Canada”

    mike said:

    You’re right about Canada being huge. I’ve lived here (Montreal) my whole life and still haven’t seen it all. Maybe I’m a little biased, but I’d recommend Montreal over Toronto any day if you do visit:)

    TorAa said:

    Yes, agree Canada is large, but so varied you have to choose what kind of vacation you prefere. For Scanidavians I think British Colombia might be #1.

    btw. Best wishes to you from Expat Traveller ( i.e. Jen and P)


    Thx for the tip about Montreal, Mike – then we have to go to both cities when going there. Toronto is a must since my cousins lives there :-)


    Yes, Tor, BC is an absolutely must! Best wishes back to Jen & P :-)

    Eric said:

    Great tips for everyone visiting Canada. Keep up the good work guys.

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