When out sightseeing, we found those Lapp shoes in a store in a small town just about 70 km from the Swedish capital Stockholm. The Sami people from Lappland (northern Sweden) did wear those traditional shoes, therefor the name.

Travel-Shopping-lapp-shoes, Sweden

Living up in the north of Sweden with cold winters, those Lapp shoes made of the skin of the reindeer leg was a necessity of course, not only for the reindeer herders.

There are fur also under the shoe sole, cut in the middle so that the hair goes in different direction and makes them less slippy. The shoes were filled with shoe hay to make them really warm.

The use of Lapp shoes goes back way in time, maybe no one knows how far back. I found a mention of Lapp shoes in a 1891 issue of the Swedish tourist association!!!

I have heard that they have become trendy again…

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5 Comments on “Travel Shopping: Lapp Shoes”


    They look very nice! I would want to have them last year when we arrived in Finland with a minus 34° C!!!!

    Ginnie said:

    These shoes remind me of the spedcial slippers both Astrid and I have that are very specific (made in Germany, we think) and unique. Once you have them, you want everyone to have them. :)

    Mar said:

    They look nice and warm!! 8)

    Keith said:

    Can you tell me the brand name I have a pair but I can’t find the name and want to get some new ones


    I’m sorry for the late reply Keith, but we’re out on a long roadtrip within Spain and not so much time at the computer. The brand name of those shoes would be difficult for me to find, there have been many small makers of them. I’m not sure where (or even IF) you could get hold of them nowadays, people seem to be making them themselves from inherited patterns and I don’t remember where I found those ones in the picture unfortunately… If I do, I’ll come back to you!

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