I found some interesting travel related links:

1. Ode to the Second Checked Bag (It’s a good thing, right?)

2. How to Pack Everything You Own in One Bag (I really need to learn this! Don’t miss that you can add it to your playlist)

3. Why to Avoid the Middle Seat (YUK! Besides being squeezed between two others…)

4. NPR Correspondents Choice (Tips of Where to eat, drink and stay, we can never get too many of those, can we?)

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2 Comments on “Travel related tips from NPR”

    Dallas Meow said:

    ONE BAG!?!?
    get out . . .you’re joking! :wink:

    Dallas Meows last blog post..Heads or Tails

    Gormandy said:

    Middle seat stinks! The last time I was in the middle seat, I was on a flight from Atlanta to San Francisco, middle seat between 2 oversized guys (I myself am large as well), in the row in front of the exit row (meaning my seat would not lean back), and the guy in front of me leaned his seat back the entire time (meaning I could not even open my laptop fully). OMG! I was furious, especially given that my admin was supposed to have booked aisle. Argh!

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