Cristo Redentor or Christ de Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is the largets Art Deco statue in the world. Considering that it’s weight is around 6-700 tonnes, placed 700 meter high up on the Corcovado mountain, it’s an incredible work that has been done. No wonder that it’s so well known all over the world, pictured in all kind of ways. Here in a wall poster found in Sweden recently.

Rio Christ Redentor poster

Inaugurated as early as in October 1931, it has been watching over Rio for over 82 years now. What not many might not know is that the monument partly was built by the old Swedish company Skånska Cement and the concrete in the foundation comes from the Limhamn in the town Malmö in the south of Sweden.

We were reminded about it now because yesterday evening we did meet Jane at the Stockholm Arlanda airport, coming home after being in Rio de Janeiro for around 6 months now, in good company with her lovely girlfriend Jennifer who is living there. I guess we will hear a lot of Rio from now on!

The Cristo Redentor has been pictured not only in peoples private photo albums, but also in many other media, newspapers, TV programs, movies. It’s one of the most visited tourist attractions in Rio without doubt. You simply can’t go to Rio without have been there, if not for the statue, so for the mosts gorgeous view.

I almost got the urge to go seeing Cristo Redentor once more (we were there in 2005), greated by the same big hug of his arms back then – the true symbol of faith and hapiness for the people. I guess it will be the closest we will get to heaven – except when being in each others arms…

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    Gustav said:

    Valeu cara! (as they say here in Brazil), I have tried to find the name of the Swedish company that helped build that statue, since I frequently and proudly claim to people here in Brazil that swedes was a part of constructing it. Now working at in São Paulo I do travel to Rio once in a while since it only takes about 50 minutes to fly and it really is a marvelous experience every time. Thanks for an interesting post!

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