There has always been lots of travel postcards where ever you go on holiday, so I thought I would send you a special postcard from Costa del Sol, Spain, where we are now. What could be more Spanish than Paella…? This one is special though…

Travel postcards: Costa del Sol Paella greetings

…but have you noticed that the postcards have decreased? Like myself, people don’t send postcards anymore, they post their photos and greetings on Facebook or similar networks instead.

Good or bad? What do you think? Both I think.

©Lifecruiser Love Spain


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4 Comments on “Travel Postcards: Costa Del Sol Paella Greetings”

    Agness said:

    I simply love paella. That’s by far my favourite Spanish food. What’s your favourite paella? I love the one with sea food and mushrooms topped with cheese, so yummy!


    I love postcards! Sending, receiving, it is definitely fading away but what’s more sentimental than a moment spent writing a postcard to a friend?


    My favorite paella is with seafood too, but I’ve never had one topped with cheese so far – or even seen one. I love the differencies depending on the cook and the region though and especially when invited by locals to taste their own :-P


    I think the industry, for the most part, is dead. Many times, it was to show people where you have been when you couldn’t do it yourself. Now, DSLR’s are affordable enough to show anyone a postcard quality picture, and whats best, you took it yourself.

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