We haven’t told you yet about our travel plans for this year so far. We start on Tuesday with a shorter road trip within Sweden to meet our Norwegian blogger friends. Later this year we will meet them again, but also our French blogger friends at the same time.

The upcoming trip on Tuesday is something we’ve had in mind for a long time since the first time Renny and Diane invited us there, but haven’t been able too, despite the short distance to drive to Mariestad from Stockholm: about 30 kilometers the way we’re taking, some smaller roads involved.

This is not the first time we meetup with our Norwegian blogger friends, the first time was when Tor and Anna did visit our summer island in July 2007, the second time when we went to Tor and Anna’s birthday party in Norway September 2008.

The third time was when we all (including Renny and Diane) went to visit Claudie and Pierre in the French Riviera in August 2009 for around a week of awesome nights together and sightseeing during the days.

When we left Claudie and Pierre we did a week of exploring by ourselves, but I think I’ve only written about Saint Paul de Vence medieval village – also in southeastern France. Shame on me for not having sorted the photos and written about it yet!

The forth time was when we went to the bigger blog gathering in Olso, Norway in August 2010, arranged by Renny and Diane, with wonderful bloggers from around the world participating with a lot of awesome Oslo sightseeing.

After that we’ve been talking about a repeat of the blogger meeting success in France and in August this year it finally will become a reality – in Claudie and Pierre’s newly built house! Yay!

This time we will not meet our Norwegian blogger friends at the airport in Marseille as last time: this time we will be driving from Mid-Sweden to southern France, doing stops and exploring on the way there – and on the way home too, taking another route back though.

We will sure avoid the start fart of the France trip we had last time, by driving our own car this time -avoiding all fuss or mistakes. Now we also will enjoy the road trip more because we have a new car. Yep, a brand new crossover we bought in December 2011 for about all our money we had right then, but we simply had to, because of my bad back and body. This one is higher. I had such troubles getting in and out of our old car that sometimes it took me up to 15 minutes to get in. Sometimes it even was impossible.

Besides that, it was old and had it’s flaws and we were afraid that something would breakdown while out on the road with it. Night mare breakdown scenario’s in European roads went by in my mind… That is not likely to happen with a new car, though now we also have double security in our car insurance that is valid almost all over Europe, just a phone number to call and get road assistance and rental car while they’re repairing ours. Super!

What routes we’re going to take isn’t quite decided yet and won’t be decided up to 100 percent either, but we will probably take a west route down through Germany -> The Netherlands -> Belgium -> Luxembourg -> France and on the way back home again we want to drive through Switzerland -> Liechtenstein -> Austria and make some stops there – especially in Salzburg. It will be at least 3-4000 kilometer to drive – one way.

We have always wanted to do a Europe tour by car. In 2008 we did a really long road trip, 4620 kilometer from Sweden to Spain, but that time it was more a transportation to help our best friend to move there and not any real sightseeing along the way.

We already have some information gathered about certain places on the routes we will take this time through Europe, but I can’t write about all of them now, you have to wait until we’ve sorted out and prioritized which ones would be in our final travel plans.

It gonna be places that have been high up on our wish list to go for a long time. There are sooo many other awesome places we would have wanted to visit, but it would take many months to do that, so we have to narrow the list down a lot and it’s very difficult to do that since we really want to go everywhere!

There are a lot of boring motorways and really expensive toll roads in Europe that we want to avoid, so there will probably many extra kilometers driving because of that too.

What routes, places or accommodations would you recommend to us, that is a simple must to go, see or stay at? Give us your suggestions and tips, we’re welcoming everything even though it will be a tough call to choose…

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    Ginnie said:

    Don’t you just love how we can meet up with blogger friends! I feel so fortunate to have met Renny and Diane AND Tor and Anna. Maybe one day we will even meet YOU. :) That would be nice.


    Yes, isn’t it awesome Ginnie? I’m sure we will meet one day – we will make it happen one day, somewhere! And if you ever travel to Stockholm, you know where your guides are :-)

    …Ooops, now I went back to your blog and noticed exactly where you live – and you know what???? We plan to drive just your way on our Europe trip in August!!! Are you up to a coffee/or beer meetup or something in the end of July or beginning of August or are you planning an own trip then…?

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