Yellow Water Iris with colorful background, El Rocio, Spain, Photo by Lifecruiser

The photo above is taken in the spring last year by hubby in El Rocio, Andalusia, Spain, Europe. Slightly experimentally edited by me to get the most out of it.

The most colorful flower photos we’ve been taken, has been on our trips. That’s another reason why I love to travel: I get to take photos I never would have taken here at home.

Why not? It’s the photo moments that’s been offered abroad that I can’t seem to find when at home. I don’t go out exploring as much here at home, that’s true, but even our cold climate don’t offer as much opportunities either.

Pink Hibiscus, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain, Photo by Lifecruiser

I’m no fan of pink, but this Hibiscus I found in Tenerife, Spain in January were just irresistible.

That’s another interesting aspect of travel photography: that our best flower photos are the ones with colors that we normally aren’t that fond of.

Take this photo below: I can’t even say which color the background has, it’s a weird one but goes so well to the yellow. A dirty color, but it makes the photo so clean.

Yellow water flower, Photo by Lifecruiser

No favorite colors, yet we find these photos gorgeous!

It’s like people, we don’t always think their attributes are the most beautiful if looking at them separately, but if looking at the human in whole we may end up loving him/her…

Lifecruiser Travel Photography

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16 Comments on “Travel Photography: Colorful Flowers”

    Ling said:

    Love the new theme, captain. Your photos seem to look even more beautiful with this theme. :smile:

    Lifecruiser said:

    Yes, me too @Ling, it’s more sunny this theme – and I almost love the bottom of the blog more than the top!!!!

    I have those two themes to choose between, the blue one and this orange-red one. Oh, and then the Halloween theme too.

    It was the colors of the photos in this post that actually made me switch theme today, I saw that they would look better with this one, otherwise I’d have waited until the 1st of May to change :-)

    Caroline said:

    Absolutely beautiful and yes – love the new theme too :wink:

    claudie said:

    Love your new theme too! I will change mine too :smile: Spring and soon summer are in the air and spirit changes too!
    I admire your talent! those flowers are marvelous but really you did fabulous captures as nice as a professional!


    This place makes me feel all warm inside.


    truly amazing shots. for some reason i never got the hang of taking pics of flowers. i just dont’ see them as some photographers. i mean, they’re gorgeous and i want them all over my house. however, i’ve never had any success at photographing them!
    The Travel Expert(a) – Living and Traveling Central America


    Excellent flower shows and a great new theme.

    Gattina said:

    First : congratulations to your new blog dress ! looks cheeful and sunny !
    I always look more at flowers here at home than while I travel, there are so much other things to see. I have to say that this year I am especially “flower” hungry after this long winter ! I even worked a little in our garden which hasn’t happened since at least 25 years ! I prepared flower pots to put some petunias in !

    Mar said:

    Gorgeous shots!!! I only like pink in flowers :wink:

    RennyBA said:

    Lovely pics and collors – the new theme fits you ;-)

    Cecil Lee said:

    oops! Sorry quite a while didn’t board your cruise, didn’t realised you have just changed your cruise paint :oops: Energetic colour to welcome life after winter… :grin:
    You (and Mr. Lifecruiser) have just added some great flower shots to your portfolio!

    Dave Brown said:

    Just curious what lens are you using for your macro shots. I like the contrast in your images. Good work.


    Welcome to our blog Dave :-) Interesting enough, those three flower shots are actually taken with our compact cameras, so no special lens is used. A perfect example of when the camera has minor importance. I believe those shots came out so great because of the perfect daylight we had when taking them, plus adjusting the settings of course.

    Kate said:

    so pretty :) the pink Hibiscus photo almost looks 3d! I can imagine touching the pollen :D

    ed said:

    i think your photos are more than beautiful , and i loved your website and i think people should consider photography more and more

    Sapa Tours said:

    Nice photos!
    I like your style in taking photos!
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