You get to see a lot of strange or funny signs when out on a roadtrip anywhere in any country I would say. Signs must be one of the most common travel photo objects.

Water-intake-sign-lake-Vänern, Sweden

This one found at Lake Vänern, Swedens largest lake. The sign at the red buoy says: “Water Intake”. I found that most amusing when thinking of it…

©Lifecruiser Love Swedish Lakes

8 Comments on “Travel Photo: Water Intake Sign, Lake Vanern”

    Vagabonde said:

    I have just been looking at your past posts and was delighted by your photos. I did not know Sweden had the 3rd largest lake in Europe. We just came back from New York – where we went because I was lucky to find a cheap flight, on sale, just before we went to Ohio. I also just found an inexpensive cruise for this winter with the Italian cruise line going to the Caribbean at that time. I am always happy when I have travel plans in my future.

    Ginnie said:

    One could make an art book just of signs and make a pretty penny, LC. :)


    Oh yes, Vagabonde, I’m like you there: always happy when having travel plans – or making plans :-) )))


    Ah yes, Ginnie and especially you – I remember very well your excellent photos of different signs!

    Ola said:

    I remember when I was studying last year all the water signs for an exam-a disaster, there are so many of them:)

    Nick said:

    That lake looks incredible!

    Marc said:

    Nice photo of that lake. I really like it. I like photos of water, especially when it gets darker. So the water seems to glow.


    A sign in the middle of the lake!!! Not so common!

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