At this year countryside auction at Lauters, I took photos of two completely different and very interesting sightings of old vintage shoes.

Even the forms to make shoes. Very often they made their own shoes at the countryside. Or just had a person nearby that were the shoemaker.

faro-old-shoes-forms, Gotland, Sweden

Notice how worn out the shoes are? Nowadays they would have been thrown away a long time ago…. Too early I say.

Then I found the very primitive but functional marsh shoes for horses. I have never seen any of those before, have you?

faro-marsh-horse-shoes, Gotland, Sweden

Singing loud: “Those shoes were made for walking…”

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2 Comments on “Travel Photo: Vintage Shoes”

    claudie said:

    Very interesting post! People did a lot in the old days! They had golden hands!

    TorAa said:

    Agree, interesting shapes and forms – and sure they were made for practical use during different kinds of work

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