When out traveling, even if only on roadtrips rather local, you get to see interesting things. This time we spotted a the little shark boat named Orca II.

Faro shark boat. Gotland, Sweden

Captured at the Swedish island Gotland somewhere. Maybe by influence from the vikings…? ha ha.. Kinda cute, don’t you think…?

Lifecruiser Boats (not sharks!)

2 Comments on “Travel Photo: The little shark boat Orca”

    Ginnie said:

    This is what life is all about, LC…seeing and creating such things and sharing them with others. Sometimes it’s the most simple things that bring a smile to the face. :)

    Azeem Ahmed @ Travel Tamed said:

    Nice stuff. A boat with a teeth haha sounds funny. Guess you must have had a great time.

    @ginnie its right these simple things no doubt bring smile to the face :)

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