Unfortunately not Rowan Atkinson, my favorite comedian… He always make me laugh whatever mood I am in before. No, this time it is Rowan berries I am talking about.

faro-rowanberries, Gotland, Sweden

A few times before have we spotted Rowanberries at our summer island, but this summer we spotted them very early in August – and there were plenty of them. Autumn arrived early this year.

We are back to normal routines again. The weather in Stockholm right now is sunny, but chilly – summer holiday is definitely over.

You know what they say about the Rowanberries? When there are plenty of them, a cold winter is to be expected…

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    Want to taste they rowan berries! They look so yummy! Here temperatures are hot but we are waiting for a big storm!

    TorAa said:

    We say: If it’s lots of Rowan berries, then we will have lot’s of Snow the Winter to come.
    With other words, about the same saying, but different as we in Norway talk about the amount of Snow, while you in Sweden relate it to temperature.

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